BIKERNET HEALTH ALERT: Dr. J.J. Solari Reports on Covid Findings

The Hysterical Girlie-man Press Cult & Cross-dressing Autoasphyxiates Journalism Corps seems to be ramping-up the crisis level again like they did last March. We could be in for another year of this.

The freak farms that generate health advisors are in full operation again and staged photos of ten people in hazmat suits carrying a coffin with an alleged corpse in it are being hauled-out of the file cabinets.

TURNS OUT, according to the health “experts” getting the vaccine does not protect you from the….whatever it is we’re being protected from. So, slowing the spread doesn’t work, wearing masks doesn’t work, staying inside doesn’t work, antisocial distancing doesn’t work, getting the vaccine doesn’t work, not getting the vaccine doesn’t work. It’s almost like this is a huge game to see just how fucking stupid and pliable everyone is. We’re being forced to obey, and then are being told that obeying isn’t working. We need more obedience because being at-liberty is creating a disease.

No, we’re not fucked. Not at all.

Thank you,

Dr. J.J. Solari

Chief of Chiefs

Bikernet Medical Center

Research Lab

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