BIKER LIVES MATTER–President’s Briefing

By June 17, 2019General Posts

Biker Lives Matter is a new Motorcycle Safety Organization that was started when a group of bikers having lunch were discussing the amount of us that have been injured or had friends or family killed while riding our motorcycles.

To date we purchased the website name and made progress on the website content which we will continue to add to.

We obtained a State of Florida business license and are currently working on some small details for banking and other things to smooth running of the operation. There is a lot to do and dealing with the government takes time. We appreciate you having faith in us as we grow.

There has been so much response to what we started we will be working on a national level with other agencies and groups and as details are finalized, will let all know through reports on the website and motorcycle media.

I would like to personally thank the motorcycle media who are sharing information on us. I am sure you will continue to see more of that.

Here is a link to the latest from Paisano Publications Easyriders Scuttlebutt blog.

Motorcyclist have the right to operate on our roadways without danger and we will be supporting most motorcycle rights organizations that are also working on this.

We want everyone to know we are a Safety Organization. You may not see a difference in the two but from a legal standpoint there is.

There are many things being done to promote motorcycle safety, but we believe there is a lot more that can be done.

We invite state motor vehicle agencies to partner with us so we can let them know what we expect from them. We are currently working on having meetings with individuals in some of these agencies.

Motorcycle Rights Groups are invited to let us know what they are working on and how they feel we can help them. If bylaws of rights groups have restrictions on dealing with other groups that are not specifically registered as a rights organization, we invite individuals to join us. I will note that I recognize many of the names that have already joined from my many years I have been involved in motorcycle rights and things that affect us and our lifestyle.

Our first goal is to help reduce crashes and collisions. Education is a key component in our long term plan. Educating current drivers to look for motorcycles is something we have been doing for some time and we intend to increase our efforts by educating new drivers and those getting close to driving age. They will grow up knowing part of operating a vehicle is to look for motorcycles.

Together, working with other groups, to change laws by increasing penalties for distracted driving in another course of action.

There is a lot to do and changes will be made as we grow. For now, what you can do to help is to let others know about us, what we are working on and asking them to join. There is no fee to join, as with some other organizations. People do not even need to own a motorcycle; they just need to want others to stop injuring and killing us.

You can receive Free bumper stickers from a link on website.

Look for information on Accident Scene Management website so that those who are interested may be of assistance to injured riders until professional help arrive on scene.



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