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Best Little Whorehouse in Deadwood, SD

By December 12, 2020General Posts

Published in Easyriders Magazine in 1981 Xmas issue
By Bandit, Mike and Billy Tinney

This is too strange. I bought a house in Deadwood in the historic President’s district. It’s about 100 years old and so are the streets and retaining walls. Recently contacted by the Historic Society about my retaining wall, the boss asked. “Do you know about this article and how we can get in touch with the photographer?”

I asked to see what he found and he sent me shots of the pages. It was written by Billy Tinney. Billy was once a Bandido for a short period and a constantly traveling photographer for Easyriders magazine for over 50 years. He’s currently trying for pull photography from his massive archives for the next issue of Choppers Magazine. So, he said he would look for the brothel file from 1981.

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