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Dear Patriot,

As my granddaddy used to say, “There’s NO excuse for a dull knife.”

He was giving me a hard time, of course. He believed a knife that wasn’t sharp enough to shave with was, in his words, “dull.”

And even though I agreed with him in principle, getting out my sharpening kit and raising an edge could always wait til later…

That is, until I discovered what has become my favorite knife sharpener in the world. Nearly every adult in American already owns one of these.

I’ve shared how to use this amazing tool on the blog.

From the Blog:

“Every hunter or fisherman eventually forgets to pack that very important item, no matter how thoughtful their preparations.

In our experience, it’s remembering the knife but forgetting the sharpening stone.  

Well, here’s an ingenious backup solution that will prevent you from ever having to deal with a dull blade again…  

When it comes to sharpening your knives, the best sharpener is the one that’s there when you need it. If that sharpening stone just happens to be free, all the better!”


n Liberty,
Oli Fischer