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Baker Calendar Contest

By August 29, 2013General Posts


BAKER Drivetrain is pretty well known for their yearly, sometimes semi-racy poster sized calendarsEach year we feature a bike that we have built in house, sporting the latest and greatest of BAKER products with a pretty girl perched atop. They’ve always been a great hit!

This year we decided to shake things up a littleWe are on the mad hunt for the perfect bike to put on our 2014 Calendar! When we choose our bike to use, we will come shoot the bike and feature it with the model of our choice on next years calendar!

There are a few stipulations:

  • –  The bike needs to have a BAKER product in it.

  • –  It needs to be available for our photographer to come shoot before the end of the year 2013, with our model on it.

  • –  We need pictures entered before September 15, 2013 but enter soon, when the right one comes along, were going to run with it!

    To enter:

  • –  Send us at least 4 photos: the left and ride sides of the bike, the front and the back

  • –  These do not need to be professional photographs

  • –  We don’t care if a girl is on the bike or not. We will be providing our own model for the shoot.

  • –  Decent lighting again, doesn’t have to be professional but we need to be able to see the bike!

  • –  Send via email to:

  • –  In the email, please include: owners name, location, and what BAKER product the bike has in it

But don’t hesitate! We have already begun to get entries!

Call or email Trish for any other questions: or 1-877-640-2004