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PRE-XMAS BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for December 17th, 2015

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MERRY CHRISTMAS, It’s been an incredible year, and it’s not over. Hang on for this report. Our Bikernet news is proudly sponsored by Iron Trader, Cycle Source, and ChopperTown. Let’s hit it, then the holiday cheer.

This issue of the Bikernet Weekly News we cover guns, open-carry, LePera seats, fighting traffic tickets, NYC Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show results, Salt Flats’ news, bad jokes, great gift ideas and more.

Blast from the past in the archives: Brass Balls 2014 Brawler GT

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“Here is our latest Brawler GT. We finished it this week,” said Dar Holdsworth the boss of Brass Balls Cycles. FXRs are coming back under the signage of the only two custom bike manufacturers left standing in the United States, Brass Balls Cycles and Big Bear Choppers.
What an interesting run since the heyday of 2007, then the financial downfall of 2008. Yet, through it all two motorcycle configurations stood tall, the Bobber and the FXR. The bobber survived because it’s the essence of the chopper world without the frills. It’s the very forerunner of the custom motorcycle.

– See more here.

Bikernet Special Report: THE RED LIGHT CAMERA STORY

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NMA Editor’s Note: The NMA has a long tradition of calling out the AAA for its often contradictory or hypocritical stances on important motorists’ issues such as improperly set speed limits and the use of red-light cameras.

NMA Foundation Executive Director Jim Walker has often led the charge as he did recently with this letter to AAA Northeast. The letter below serves as a balanced critique of AAA’s recommendation for a red-light camera program in White Plains, New York. Note how Jim cuts through AAA’s rhetoric and uses the facts to dismantle the association’s arguments.

Dear Mr. Slatky,

Thanks for the paper on recommendations for a White Plains red-light camera program. It contains many of the generic principles that could establish a fair and transparent program aimed at producing safety improvements if cities adopted them, not a lucrative revenue stream. However it does not contain the specific mandates necessary to prevent using a program primarily for revenue rather than safety.

The rest of the red light camera report here.

Bikernet’s Performance Editor Provides a Two Year Snapshot

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…. Patiently waiting for traction ????

2014 & 2015 …. Remarkable years in many ways.

…. 2014 ….Lands end with Sam Wheeler ….

2014 ….August …Destination Bonneville ….
Your 5-Ball Racing Team arrived on the salt prepared for the run of a lifetime. Suited up and rolled to the International Long Course, staged for the first ride on the salt with the Dan Thayer tuned, 124 inch twin cam Raycer. Yahoo, here comes the wind and rain. Returned to the pits on a Rocket and battened down the hatches for the night. The next morning at the drivers meeting it was announced …the track was closed for the day in anticipation of a dry, runnable course on the last day of the meet.

–Read the rest of Ray C. Wheeler’s report here.


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Hey, I don’t know about you, but this holiday season seems to be slipping rapidly past. What the hell is happening? Maybe it’s all the social media distractions, or 500 TV channels, Terrorists and world upheaval, the 2016 elections, too many events, or who knows? Hell, this weekend the Mooneyes Xmas party rocks SoCal, and the David Mann Chopperfest hits Ventura, California, and the Ultimate Builder show stomps on NY City. Let’s see what the news holds for us. The wonderful and wicked Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by Iron Trader, Cycle Source, and ChopperTown. All the best for the Holidays…

– Read the Bikernet News with articles on the Peterson Museum, investigation on police, World Record attempt,fundraiser for military veterans, bad jokes and more here.


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Incredible. This is the shortest tech in history and partially because of the new product. Batteries are dirty, grubby, heavy, nasty bastard and they throw spark when you least expect it. About ten years ago, the whole battery acid nastiness disappeared with sealed batteries, a major step in the right direction. They kept improving and growing more reliable, then some mastermind started to develop Lithium Ion Batteries. For a while Matt Hotch and another industry designer scrambled to build a little dinky battery capable of spinning over any 124-inch stroker motor all day long. These puppies were amazing. I know Anti-Gravity batteries started to bring the technology to the general market, but now Biker’s Choice and V Twin Power have taken the technology mainstream with a complete line of Lithium Ion Batteries for stock application and we were fortunate to get our grubby hands on a new one for a test. – Read the rest of the tech here,

Bikernet Giveway

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Here we go, cutting to the chase: You give us your feedback, you could win a box of Bikernet bling. Who knows what Bandit will put in that box? He’s got tons of stuff just lying around the bench and it could be yours.

Tell us a little something about yourself. Or bitch if we’re not firing on all cylinders… put us on notice! We can’t change if you don’t speak up. You could complement us if the mood strikes ;). Give us ideas on what prizes you want to see go up and it could be yours because we’ll try like hell to get it. You could even brag to us about how many bikes you have and how great they are. We need a new look at our readership and we’re willing to compensate you for your time (If your lucky, so be lucky damn it).

Take the survey here and win.

La La


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Holiday wishes from the Bikernet and 5-Ball Crew.
Holiday wishes from the Bikernet and 5-Ball Crew.

Happy Thanksgiving,

I mean it. We have a lot to be thankful for in a world filled with religious hate, bombings, and beheadings.

How can we overcome the bullshit and strife and kick back. We need to be thankful for the Sun and Moon. We need to be thankful for the oceans and the crops.

We need to be thankful for Whiskey and the shape of a woman’s breast. We need to relish in her touch and our abilities to build truly cool motorcycles. It’s amazing, it’s beautiful, it’s wonderful, and so what’s fucking it up? Religion and our blundering history.

In 2016 let’s get a grip. In the meantime be thankful! We’ve had amazing lives.

The Bikernet News is sponsored in part by Cycle Source, Iron Trader, and ChopperTown.

Click for cool DVDs.

– Read the rest here.

Bikernet Strange and Foreboding Sunday Post for November 22, 2015

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Chris & Andrew


We had a party last night and the Redhead of Redheads is a little under the weather this morning. Some of the group stumbled toward Maya’s to return the catering gear and have Huevos Rancheros and loads of Java.

I listened to several reports on the show, and a complete rundown on the Marijuana industry. And Ducati Scramblers came up a few times.


Let’s hit the news. The Long Beach Show was jammed yesterday. Progressive Insurance did a helluva job promoting it.


– Read the rest of the Sunday Post here[only with a Cantina membership].


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Ultimate Builder Custom Competition hits Long Beach this weekend. So, we have prepped all week with new outdoor lighting, cleaning the shop, hosting folks, meetings, photo shoots, and hauling two bikes, including the 2014 cross-country Indian to the show.


It’s non-stop with Jeff Najar, the boss of the Ultimate Builder Competition arriving last night and we hauled ass to Alhambra to visit Chris Richardson, at the LA Speed Shop.

This evening we will hit it to the RSD/Indian new model announcement in San Pedro. We better hit the news before anything else happens.

This news is proudly co-sponsored by Cycle Source Magazine, Iron Trader, and ChopperTown. – Read all of the Weekly News here.