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The Sturgis Council of Generals had a vote last night. From one source the vote went down to 7 for and 2 against opening the rally gates. Another source told me the Council was reviewing five or maybe seven, hold it, could be nine opening options. Rumor had it, they were going for option three. The whole greasy enchilada played out on facebook last night, so let us know if you heard anything else.

According to one reporter in the fields of South Dakota, the Council doesn’t really have much sway whether the rally rocks of not. At one time they attempted to control the name until the courts took it away from them this year. Now you can print any Sturgis 2020 T-shirt you like. Bottom line, the biker world is coming to Sturgis for the Rally and no one can stop them, except the Governor. From all accounts the Governor of South Dakota is very cool.

Here’s the latest from an inside source: Rally is on. Vendor licenses will be approved. There will be no City sponsored events but anything else can happen. And of course the town of Buffalo Chip is hosting eight bands and is wide open.

So, be safe, be careful and healthy and promise not to bring any Covid to South Dakota. Some Bikernet staffers are heading out later this week.






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Hosted on Harley-Davidson’s Instagram The No Show Celebrates and Raises Funds for Custom Builders


MILWAUKEE (June 15, 2020) – Harley-Davidson Motor Company presents The No Show, a week-long online motorcycle show that brings together Harley-Davidson’s global community.


Hosted on Harley-Davidson’s Instagram account now through June 21st, The No Show features 60 builders from 10 countries, with half of those builders coming from the postponed Mama Tried, Congregation Vintage Bike & Car, and Born-Free motorcycle shows. The remaining craftsmen and women were invited by Harley-Davidson and span a range of style, era, and geography. The bikes will be rolled out in batches every day for five days with awards being given out at the end of the week.


Those who visit The No Show can scroll through the array of bikes and tap into their favorites where they’ll see a personal video of each builder walking them through his or her masterpiece. Dotted throughout the bikes will be all the nuts and bolts of every motorcycle show—music, merch, and awards. After checking out custom builds, attendees can scroll to the virtual “stage” to listen to acoustic sets by The White Buffalo, Hollis Brown, and The Kenneth Brian Band. There is also a “merch booth” featuring ultra-limited-edition The No Show t-shirts.


The No Show is a platform that provides everyone from enthusiasts to new riders a place to converge and celebrate the diverse artistry that comes with custom builds,” said Patrick Holly, brand director at Harley-Davidson Motor Company. “As a way to show our gratitude to the builders that helped make The No Show possible, 100 percent of show t-shirt sales will go directly to each invited builder.”


On the last day of the show, Sunday, June 21st, three builders are to be recognized for their achievements in ingenuity, artistry, self-expression, and ability to pave a new road in customization. One winner will be selected from each of the following categories to receive a one-of-a-kind award created by Harley-Davidson designers:


  • Media Choice Award: chosen and presented by journalists from industry-leading motorcycle publications.
  • H-D Styling & Design Award: chosen and presented by Brad Richards, vice president of styling & design at Harley-Davidson and long-time garage builder.
  • Harley-Davidson Museum Award: chosen by the museum staff and presented by Bill Davidson, vice president of the Harley-Davidson Museum and great-grandson of Harley-Davidson’s Co-Founder William A. Davidson.


Catch The No Show through June 21st on Harley-Davidson’s Instagram and follow along on Twitter and Facebook to catch exclusive show content.



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Today is the 29th Annual International Motorcycle & Scooter Ride To Work Day!

While we all know that this year is somewhat exceptional, the weather in Massachusetts looks promising today – not too hot, not too cold, and not a forecast for rain.

Some of us are still cooped up, either still waiting for that opportunity to come along, working from home, or retired. Whatever your situation, it’s a far better thing to be out on the road, even for just a little while, than sitting in front of the TV or the computer. We hope you find some time today for some wind therapy!


If you do ride, please remember that traffic of late is as crazy as the current times. People have gotten used to not seeing too many other vehicles on the roadways, and are regularly taking liberties with speed limits. This means the roadways are far more dangerous for motorcyclists because drivers (including motorcycle riders) have forgotten how to watch for other vehicles and know their required stopping distances, especially at faster than usual speeds.
Whatever your situation and whatever you choose, be safe, but enjoy the ride, smile, and remember to wave to your fellow riders out there!

–DOC, Motorcycle Riders Foundation


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WASHINGTON, D.C. – This coming Monday will mark the 29th anniversary of Ride To Work Day, an annual event that promotes the motorcycle as an option for commuting to work. Since 1992, this event has been promoted by the Ride to Work organization with a goal of increasing public awareness of motorcyclists; promoting the use of motorcycles as a method of transportation; and increasing motorcycle safety.

According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, an estimated 150,000 commuters ride their motorcycle to work. While this is a very minor portion of all commuters, figures show these numbers are on the rise. It may be surprising that the numbers are not higher given data that supports that traveling by motorcycle can shorten journey times by as much as 33 minutes of every hour for city travel. Additional benefits can include more parking options, fuel savings and the undeniable advantage of enjoying the environment and the open air preparing yourself for a long day of work, or better yet, decompressing post-work!

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation encourages its members and partners to participate in this year’s event on June 15th to help demonstrate support for riders across the nation and spur recognition that the use of motorcycles as an alternative to commuting can help alleviate traffic and parking congestion.

Another important message that the event sends is that, despite a sometimes less than flattering portrayal of motorcyclists by Hollywood and even the media and naysayers, motorcyclists are our neighbors, teachers, family, lawyers, servicemen and women and friends and they have a rightful place on our nation’s highways.

For more information, visit:

If you have photos of yourself participating in Ride to Work Day, send them to or text them to (202) 546-0983


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This is confusing, but it’s not the only time someone has tried to ban motorcycles. These clips come directly from 100% Biker Magazine in the UK. “Motorcycle sport or racing could be wiped out in the UK by a European Commission insurance directive.

“The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) is calling upon EU member governments and MEPs to reject EU proposals, which threatens to end all forms of competitive and grassroots motor sport.

“This represents a complete U-turn for the European Commission which, two years ago, proposed to exclude vehicles not being used in traffic from the MID and which would have made motor sports exempt.”

And finally, “Brexit probably won’t make any difference to the UK insurance rules.”








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More Motorcycle and Scooter Riders On the Road on
Monday, June 15th This Year

The 29th annual worldwide Ride to Work Day is expected to be one of the largest-ever, according to Ride to Work, the non-profit organization that coordinates this annual event.

On Ride to Work Day a much higher number of America’s 8,000,000 cycles and scooters are ridden to work.  Some estimates put the numbers of added riders at over 1,000,000. Across equal distances, commuting riders can reach their destinations more quickly — in up to 20% less time than those using automobiles in some situations — and motorcycles and scooters consume less resources per person per mile, and they take up less space on roads and in parking areas.

“Many people do not always appreciate the societally positive value of transportational riding, and some don’t know there are also a few hidden deleterious ramifications from having almost everyone default to private autos. Cars are wonderful machines, and we love them, but the reasons to ride, when one can, go beyond stuff like energy or carbon footprints” states Andy Goldfine, an event organizer.

This Day is about more than traffic congestion, motorcycles and economics.  Winston Churchill famously said: “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Other thought-leaders have presented or expressed the same idea in different ways.  It applies to things beyond our homes and buildings. It’s about all technologies, including our mobility tools.

That’s why riding and the annual Ride To Work Day event is important. This Day is not narrowly about encouraging the wider adoption of transportational riding…it’s about increasing the understanding of — and tolerance for — those who choose this form of mobility, and about providing support and encouragement to those who like to ride in transportation-centric ways.

The Ride to Work website includes forum areas, merchandise, information, and free promotional support materials.

Businesses Urge U.S. Senate to Pass Great American Outdoors Act

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More than 100 outdoor businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to mom and pop shops, including specialty retailers, gear and vehicle manufacturers, outfitters, campground and marina operators, and more sent a letter to Senate leadership urging swift passage of the Great American Outdoors Act to stimulate the outdoor recreation industry and provide safe and sustainable recreation access and infrastructure for generations to come.

The GAOA would provide a critical boost to what was, before the pandemic, a $778 billion a year industry supporting 5.2 million jobs and accounting for 2.2 percent of U.S. gross domestic product. According to the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable’s most recent member survey and dashboard of the sector, 94 percent of outdoor industry businesses have experienced a decrease in sales and 88 percent have laid off or furloughed a portion of their workforce. As these cross-sector companies show, investments in conservation and recreation are needed to provide business certainty so the outdoor recreation industry can get back to what it does best — grow jobs, support healthy communities, and provide more opportunities for everyone to benefit from time spent outside.

“Maintenance backlogs have led to deteriorated trails and facilities, preventing Americans, including our large community of motorized off-road vehicle users, from participating in healthful outdoor activities at a time when we need it most,” said Erik Pritchard, president and CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Council, Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association, and the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America. “The GAOA would ensure that access and infrastructure on public lands and waters are restored so that families and recreationists can enjoy the outdoors safely and close to home. This would also provide a much needed boost to local businesses that support these activities.”

“Our entire industry is behind this, from skiers to snowmobilers, hunters to hikers, campers to RVers, and climbers to motorcyclists,” said Jessica (Wahl) Turner, executive director of the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable. “Businesses have been making calls, running sign-on campaigns, and sending letters. This unity shows the amazing work that has been done to get us to where we are on this once-in-a-generation legislation. In the next week, Congress has the opportunity to do something that truly outlasts their time in office and that will benefit the nation for decades to come.”




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It’s terrible, first the Covid and lock-down, then the rioting surrounded the 5-Ball Inc. corporate headquarters and the Bikernet Intergalactic Nerve Center across the street from the Port of Los Angeles. They hit downtown LA and Long Beach hard.

While some members hid under their beds, the Redhead and I snuck out of the war zone to the Chinese-owned Home Depot for window boarding supplies. I flew back to the port ghetto to board up our windows. We were ready for our Alamo effort on the coast of California between Long Beach and San Pedro.

I hung out in the shop working toward the run to Sturgis and Dr. Hamster’s Pandemic Panhead project. More reports coming to Bikernet shortly. But that’s not all, Friday before last, my bank called to tell me our 5-Ball Racing shop credit-card system was under attack. The next day my bookkeeper fled to Mexico with large canvas bags of cash. I had to go into high alert. It wasn’t Laura, she’s cool, but she was out of Dodge, and I had to handle it. Of course, I didn’t know shit about all these systems.

It took me a week, but all the systems are up and running now. If you were trying to buy a book or leathers and couldn’t get the job done or join the Cantina, you’re good to go now. It’s never dull around here.

I wish all a safe road ahead.


Bikers for Trump head to Minneapolis to help out with clean-up

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The last few days have been rough — on top of the already difficult times we’re all still dealing with due to the coronavirus crisis.

I’m sure you were just as saddened, frustrated and angry about the mayhem, destruction and violence that broke out in Minneapolis — but it’s time to shake off the shock and do what Americans do — get together, roll up our sleeves, and start doing what we can to set things right.

While the underlying political issues are a matter for another time, Bikers For Trump are taking action now to help our fellow citizens who have been effected by all the chaos clean up and get their lives going again.

That’s why we’re converging on Minneapolis this weekendSaturday and Sunday June 6th and 7th — to help out in any way we can with the cleanup process right at the heart of the recent riots, and we want you to join us!

This is a non-political event — we’re coming just to lend a hand — and if you’re in the region and able to make it out.


–Bikers for Trump

–from Rogue

Senior Editor


Gettysburg Bike Week Forced to Cancel Event Amidst Corona Virus Pandemic

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Gettysburg, PA (June 1, 2020) – For the first time in its 19-year history, Gettysburg Bike Week will not hold its annual gathering. One of the premiere motorcycle rallies in the country, the event normally takes place at the Allstar Events Complex in Gettysburg, PA. Festivities had been scheduled from Thursday, July 9, 2020, through Sunday, July 12, but after exhaustive meetings with state, county and local officials, as well as insurance agents and lawyers, Mrs. Kelly Shue, who works in healthcare and is the owner-organizer of the storied motorcycle rally, made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s festivities. Full refunds will be made automatically for ticket holders.

“We know times are difficult for everyone,” said Mrs. Shue, “and there’s nothing we’d rather do than proceed with this year’s event, but at this time there is no way for us to do so in good conscience. We really appreciate everyone’s support over the years, because you as riders are the ones that make this rally what it is. We look forward to seeing everyone next year.”

This event, unlike many others, isn’t about the money. It is about the camaraderie, the friendships and relationships, that have developed in the 19 years the rally has been in existence. Mrs. Shue has been in constant discussion with stakeholders and closely monitoring CDC guidelines, striving to find a way to safely hold the rally.

Currently Pennsylvania state guidelines are in “yellow phase” with respect to normal operations, meaning only certain businesses and enterprises are allowed to operate. But even if the state proceeds to their green, wide re-opening phase, it is unlikely GBW would be able to secure the necessary permits and insurance to safely hold their event. Ultimately, Mrs. Shue determined that placing rally goers’ safety first and preserving the legacy of Gettysburg Bike Week must take precedence.

Gettysburg Bike Week is very grateful to long-time sponsors Hot Leathers, Brewery Products, Gettysburg Trading Post, Battlefield Harley Davidson, Dale E. Anstine Law Offices, Geico Insurance and Stambaugh Law Offices for their partnership and unwavering support during this uncertain climate.

While these developments are eminently disappointing, event organizers are looking forward to their 20th year in 2021, July 8-11, with a stellar line-up of bands and entertainment, and a reunion of friends and family who come together once a year but have one another’s backs throughout the year. New and returning riders can find updates, future schedule of events, lodging information and anything they ever need to know about Gettysburg Bike Week by visiting

About Gettysburg Bike Week

Gettysburg Bike Week is Eastern Pennsylvania’s definitive motorcycle rally, featuring great national music acts, historic riding and hospitality that you can only find in a city with this much history. For more information on the Rally, including scheduling, lodging options, and more, visit Follow them on Twitter: @GburgBikeWk. To contact Gettysburg Bike Week, e-mail

In Gratitude,

–Ken Conte

Founder and Mastermind

Rise Above Consulting