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An Act prohibiting profiling of motorcyclists and motorcycle-only checkpoints

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MA State House, Public Hearing, S. 1399,

By Ms. DiZoglio (by request), a petition (accompanied by bill, Senate, No. 1399) of Paul W. Cote and Anne M. Gobi for legislation to prohibit profiling of motorcyclists and motorcycle-only checkpoints. Public Safety and Homeland Security.
SECTION 1. No law enforcement officer or agency shall establish or conduct “motorcycle-only” checkpoints.
(1) The criminal justice training commission shall ensure that issues related to motorcycle profiling are addressed in basic law enforcement training and offered to in-service law enforcement officers in conjunction with existing training regarding profiling.
(2) Local law enforcement agencies shall add a statement condemning motorcycle profiling to existing policies regarding profiling.
(3) For the purposes of this section, “motorcyclist profiling” means the illegal use of the fact that a person rides a motorcycle or wears motorcycle-related paraphernalia as a factor in deciding to stop and question, take enforcement action, arrest, or search a person or vehicle with or without an otherwise legal basis under the United States Constitution or Massachusetts Constitution.
This act shall take effect upon its passage.
 PC in MA
–Paul Cote

Walter Williams: Idiotic Environmental Predictions

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The ugly underlying philosophy of Scientism has inbred upon itself when it claims that science is the only source of truth about reality. Its result is not only un-scientific, but anti-scientific as it drives itself to justify its own fallacies at any cost. ⁃ TN Editor

The Competitive Enterprise Institute has published a new paper, “Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions.” Keep in mind that many of the grossly wrong environmentalist predictions were made by respected scientists and government officials. My question for you is: If you were around at the time, how many government restrictions and taxes would you have urged to avoid the predicted calamity?

As reported in The New York Times (Aug. 1969) Stanford University biologist Dr. Paul Erhlich warned: “The trouble with almost all environmental problems is that by the time we have enough evidence to convince people, you’re dead. We must realize that unless we’re extremely lucky, everybody will disappear in a cloud of blue steam in 20 years.”

In 2000, Dr. David Viner, a senior research scientist at University of East Anglia’s climate research unit, predicted that in a few years winter snowfall would become “a very rare and exciting event. Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.” In 2004, the U.S. Pentagon warned President George W. Bush that major European cities would be beneath rising seas. Britain will be plunged into a Siberian climate by 2020. In 2008, Al Gore predicted that the polar ice cap would be gone in a mere 10 years. A U.S. Department of Energy study led by the U.S. Navy predicted the Arctic Ocean would experience an ice-free summer by 2016.

In May 2014, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius declared during a joint appearance with Secretary of State John Kerry that “we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos.”

Peter Gunter, professor at North Texas State University, predicted in the spring 1970 issue of The Living Wilderness: “Demographers agree almost unanimously on the following grim timetable: by 1975 widespread famines will begin in India; these will spread by 1990 to include all of India, Pakistan, China and the Near East, Africa. By the year 2000, or conceivably sooner, South and Central America will exist under famine conditions. … By the year 2000, thirty years from now, the entire world, with the exception of Western Europe, North America, and Australia, will be in famine.”

Ecologist Kenneth Watt’s 1970 prediction was, “If present trends continue, the world will be about four degrees colder for the global mean temperature in 1990, but eleven degrees colder in the year 2000.” He added, “This is about twice what it would take to put us into an ice age.”

Mark J. Perry, scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and professor of economics and finance at the University of Michigan’s Flint campus, cites 18 spectacularly wrong predictions made around the time of first Earth Day in 1970. This time it’s not about weather. Harrison Brown, a scientist at the National Academy of Sciences, published a chart in Scientific American that looked at metal reserves and estimated that humanity would run out of copper shortly after 2000. Lead, zinc, tin, gold and silver would be gone before 1990. Kenneth Watt said, “By the year 2000, if present trends continue, we will be using up crude oil at such a rate … that there won’t be any more crude oil.”



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AMA State Chapter of Florida Alert


DAYTONA BEACH – Be alert in Daytona Beach. Police promise 1,000 citations. In response to a $55K grant from FDOT, Daytona Police will step up patrols and enforcement in key areas. The grant will allow for police overtime in this effort. On the grant application, police indicated 1,000 citations would be written as part of the effort.


This needs to go viral!



Condoms That Change Color In Contact with STD Win Tech Award

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By Eric Dodds

The old adage goes that teenagers think about sex constantly, but there are at least a few out there who have expressed a very keen interest in the particulars of safe sex.

Three British teens—two 14-year-olds and one 13-year-old—have proposed an idea for a new type of condom that could detect sexually transmitted diseases amongst intimate partners. The Washington Post explains:

There would be antibodies on the condom that would interact with the antigens of STDs, causing the condom to change colors depending on the disease…For instance, if the condom were exposed to chlamydia, it might glow green — or yellow for herpes, purple for human papilloma virus and blue for syphilis.

The proposal won the trio the top prize in the U.K.’s TeenTech Awards, and they have already reportedly been approached by condom companies.

The idea, however, is not without its imperfections. It seems unclear whether the STIs would be detected in just the user’s partner or also the user as well. In addition, there’s the awkward question of what would happen if the condom came into contact with two or more STDs—not to mention the logistical difficulties of figuring out a way to determine the color with sufficient opportunity to make use of those findings.

Nevertheless, if teens are going to think about sex, it’s tough to quibble with them spending more time thinking about ways to make is safer.

MIC and Members Fend Off 100% Tariffs on EU Powersports Products

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Proposed tariffs of up to 100 percent on motorcycles, parts, and accessories, coming in from European Union countries, have been staved off – following efforts by the MIC’s Government Relations Office and some key member manufacturers.

Representatives from member companies KTM and Indian Motorcycle, and MIC staff, made the case against the proposed tariffs, testifying this summer at hearings in Washington, D.C., and holding meetings with key staff at the Office of the United States Trade Representative. And the MIC, along with motorcycle-manufacturing member companies Cobra, Ducati, Indian Motorcycle, and KTM, submitted written comments to the USTR opposing these tariffs.

In a show of transcontinental industry support, ACEM, the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers, also submitted written arguments against the proposed tariffs. They would have greatly affected the powersports business, and came about as part of a dispute regarding certain EU countries subsidizing their large-aircraft manufacturing sector.

“We have been actively engaged in this dispute from day one, both in Washington, D.C., and also in Europe, to protect our dealers, support the motorcycle industry and allow our customers to continue to ride and experience motorcycling,” said John Hinz, CEO of KTM North America. “Our brands and dealers have been operating in the United States for over fifty years and it is our responsibility to protect and grow the future of motorcycling. We commend the USTR’s recognition of the negative impact that the proposed tariffs would have had on our U.S. business, partners, dealers, and customers.”

“Had the tariffs been enacted, that would have meant extremely high prices for our American consumers of European motorcycles, parts, and accessories,” said Erik Pritchard, incoming MIC president and CEO. “Increased costs would have even discouraged motorcycle riders from performing routine but critical maintenance, such as brake pad and tire replacements, due to potential doubling on the price of parts.”

“I want to thank Congressman Tim Walberg and Congressman Michael Burgess who are the co-chairs of the Congressional Motorcycle Caucus,” said Scott Schloegel, senior vice president for government relations at the MIC. “They sent a terrific letter to the United States Trade Representative opposing additional tariffs, which are taxes paid by American consumers. They have been fantastic champions of the industry and our consumers, and we thank them for their continued support for something that brings joy to millions of Americans every single day: motorcycling.”

MIC staff at the Government Relations Office will continue to monitor developments in Washington, in case the USTR proposes any changes to the current list of products and industries impacted by tariffs.

New Law Requires You To Listen To Greta Thunberg Lecture Before Purchasing Gasoline

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U.S.—A series of new bills working their way through state legislatures in New York, California, Oregon, Hawaii, and several other progressive states will require you to listen to a Greta Thunberg lecture before purchasing gasoline.

Motorists will be required to watch a 20-minute lecture by the 16-year-old climate activist before they purchase gallons and gallons of harmful fossil fuels.

“We want to make sure drivers are informed,” said California Governor Gavin Newsom, who says he will sign the bill into law. “So we are having them get lectured by a 16-year-old so they will have all the facts before they do something rash like put gasoline in their cars to go to work.”

Once the driver has listened to Thunberg’s entire lecture, they will be prompted to complete a quick, fifteen-question quiz to show they understand how horrible they are for driving a car. Drivers who get at least 80% will then be allowed to refuel their vehicles. As they refuel, the screen will simply play a clip of Thunberg saying, “How dare you!” over and over again.

The law will not apply to celebrities purchasing jet fuel.

–Charles the Moderator

Watts Up with



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New Belden Gloves
Our new Belden Glove boasts durable safety features that contribute to the coveted CE rating, but we’ve made them aesthetically low-key. With a full thermal barrier inside, Lycra comfort liner and zero venting, this glove is designed with cooler weather riding in mind.


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Law Tigers is sponsoring the Hooligan Dirt Dash Races.


However I personally, for the first time in my career, am putting on my own ALL FEMALE BIKE SHOW at Vegas BikeFest on Sunday.  I am super excited about this.  I attached the artwork and if there is any way you could post it on Bandit’s Bikernet Facebook page, I would be so grateful.  I’m really excited because I got Marilyn Stemp and Sheila Cunningham as a few of my judges.  I’ve done so many of these shows for other companies, sponsorships, etc…I felt like it was a good time for me to do my own thing.


Thanks so much,


Candice Cooley

Nevada Marketing Manager
m: 702.600.8995 |

Artist David Uhl – “Population Two”

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Wanted to share the final image with you.  David has been working on it the past couple of days.  You’ll also see a video of the changes he made to the final image.
Now that it’s completed, we can begin production on the limited-edition canvas prints.
Details are below.
Photo shoot with Elizabeth
This new piece, titled “Population Two” stems from David’s burgeoning career as an illustrator/concept artist when he was 19.
“Many people don’t know that I got started in Sci Fi illustration/concept art back when I was 19.  I did some drawings for futuristic aliens and ships for Disney.  The genesis for this idea started after spending the last few years reading my friend Graham Hancock’s latest books. He has been working with a team of scientists that are certain we the earth experienced a major comet/meteor impact just 12,000 years ago. This piece illustrates what it might look like if one slammed into the Atlantic . So being at the Sturgis rally, I naturally based it in that area. So that being said: here is a window into a mad max futuristic world. An interesting place to visit, but probably not wanting to live there.”
There is a LOT going on in this piece, so we produced a short video with close ups of the cool components.
The canvas print edition will consist of two sizes and will not included a smaller version (too much going on with this one to do it justice in a smaller size).  This may be the start of a new, ongoing series as well.  
** Image size 32×24, $1,295 framed (deduct $200 for a gallery wrap).  Edition of 60 plus 10 Artist Proofs and 10 Hors d’ Commerce
** Image size 40×30, $1,895 framed (deduct $300 for a gallery wrap).  Edition of 30 plus 7 Artist Proofs and 7 Hors d’Commerce.
Each canvas print will come hand-signed by David and numbered, with Certificate of Authenticity.
If you’d like to get on the list to reserve one, simply respond to this email or call me at 303-913-4840.
Thanks for your time!
Greg Rhodes
International Sales Director
Uhl Studios
15801 W. Colfax Avenue
Golden, CO 80401


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The Model J Harley-Davidson was originally produced for military service around 1915. After World War I Harley-Davidson converted their production to serve typical civilian customers. The Model J became Harley’s top of the line model. Originally produced in Olive Drab for the military, Harley-Davidson mechanically reworked the machine over the years and changed the paint color offering a shiny olive green color until 1932. Major changes for 1928 included a stronger fork and a front brake. ’28 also brought new optional colors including Coach Green, Azure Blue, Police Blue and Maroon at around $25, our featured machine being special ordered in Antique Cream and Maroon.
As big engineering steps were made, driven somewhat by war time technology advancements, battery ignition becoming the norm, electric lights standard along with a 3-speed transmission; the Model J came…