In this harried world this is the week to give thanks and to think about your year and those who have helped out.

I piss and moan about the government and regulations, and I contend they don’t get the mantra, Freedom. But on the other hand, America is wonderful, full of resources, friends, open roads and cool motorcycles. I should reword that. It’s not just America but the motorcycle community all over the world.

Bikers, builders, dirt bike riders and racers understand Freedom and love it. We work together, share resources, fight for freedom and struggle together. I want to thank all the Biker’s Rights members and leaders for keeping us in the game. I want to thank all the manufacturers for their efforts to share motorcycling with a younger audience.

I want to thank all our readers, all the creative builders out there, all the bike show promoters and all the custom parts manufacturers who are struggling but doing what they love.

I had a meeting with Hugh King regarding another build-off series but with a twist. We are going to take a guy’s bike and alter it. No ground-ups to begin with. We are going to celebrate craftsmen all over the world. Thank you, and everyone for the love of two-wheeled freedom forever!


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