Targeted For Existing: Where Pop Culture Ends and Real Life Begins for America’s Bikers

When I first spoke with “Professor Blade” I noticed a subtle accent; “Former British Army” he informed me, though he now resides in the San Diego area. In addition to his accent, I noticed he was remarkably polite and articulate, which isn’t surprising given his career as a middle school teacher and college professor. What IS surprising however, is the fact that this man was recently arrested, charged with a felony and held on a $125k bail. So why was this man, former military and college educator without any criminal record arrested? He says he was profiled by California State police, simply because he was riding a motorcycle.

Though entertaining, bikers openly mock the hit TV show, “Sons of Anarchy” which portrays a fictional outlaw motorcycle club as murderers, rapists and drug addicts who all use excessive violence to get what they want. Unfortunately, for the 8 million Americans who ride, perception can be reality. Professor Blade and members of his motorcycle club “The Chosen Few” know this all too well. He says he and his fellow club members have been targeted by local law enforcement for years. “There’s a bar we all go to pretty regularly,” Professor Blade tells me. “The night I was arrested I was there for a party for friend who is in the marines. When we arrived, I could see police staked out across the street from the bar, just watching and waiting.”

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