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Ken’s Factory Tops It Off With The Vanquish Rocker Boxes For The Milwaukee-Eight

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t Ken’s Factory, each part is designed with the mantra “Details Create Style.” and this includes the finely-detailed Vanquish rocker boxes for Milwaukee-Eight models.

The Vanquish rocker box is of the most premium items in production at Ken’s Factory, and the team there is quick to note that you get what you pay for. Their attitude is that if a rider is going to buy a premium motorcycle, then it should be customized with premium parts, and the attention to machining and the details in the Vanquish rocker box create a next-level piece worthy of the most notable of motorcycles.

Each rocker box arrives with all necessary hardware for installation to make the upgrade simple. The Vanquish rocker box is manufactured from billet aluminum, and it is available in three finishes:

• Polished (p/n 8-302)
• Chrome (p/n 08-301)
• Black anodized machine-cut finish (p/n 8-300)

Drag Specialties carries the complete Ken’s Factory line of Vanquish parts, including the
rocker box, mirrors, cam cover and slip-on exhaust. Each part has similar styling so that a rider can go for a coordinated look, though mixing and matching parts from multiple Ken’s Factory lines is also popular approach.

Talk to your Drag Specialties rep about the detail work found in the Vanquish rocker box and other products from Ken’s Factory. You can learn more online at:


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Get your bike washed “BIKINI BIKE WASH STYLE” from 11am-2pm while checking out our Pre-Owned Quality Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Inventory.


Take a 2019 on a TEST RIDE and you are automatically entered into our “WIN A 50′ TV GIVEAWAY. Winner will be notified Sunday, Oct 14th.

CHEF FRED will be cooking up his original recipe of BRATS & POTATO PANCAKES starting at 11am while supplies last.

IT’S FALL and the BEST RIDING SEASON OF THE YEAR. Ride on up and spend the afternoon with Las Vegas Harley-Davidson. See you Here!


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I have written before about motorcycle riding in West Virginia and why it is one of my favorite states to ride. I have to steal some of my own words and ideas from the past because they are still relevant.

Straight roads are more efficient and as a society we lower the tops of peaks, fill in valleys, build bridges and even drill through mountains to get straight roads. We wage a violent assault to impose our will over nature and the results are nice, straight, efficient, safer roads and highways.

In most of WV though, nature is too big and too wild to tame. Nature wins. WV doesn’t have a lot of straight roads. The asphalt ribbons have to conform to the mountains that climb, plunge and twist.

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Free Movie Night: Jurassic Park

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7:30pm | Third Floor Parking Structure

It’s our final outdoor movie night of the year! Travel to Isla Nublar with the Petersen Automotive Museum as we screen Jurassic Park on our P3 parking level in celebration of its 25th anniversary.

“Anybody hear that? That’s an impact tremor, is what that is. I’m fairly alarmed here.” – Dr. Ian Malcolm

John Hammond has built a wildlife preserve on an island off of the coast of Costa Rica, the likes of which no one has ever seen before. Using sophisticated technology the Jurassic Park scientists have cloned dinosaurs back to life. Before it opens to the public, John Hammond flies a team of two respected paleontologists and a charming chaotician to his island to enjoy the prehistoric wildlife and sign off on the safety of the park, but after a series of misfortunes befall them, enjoying the “wildlife” is the last thing on their minds.

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Life is so interesting. I rode over by the LA airport yesterday to attend a memorial for Paul Larquier, who once was the boss of Santee and worked for Jammer Cycle and was a member of the Jammer Cycle streamliner team.

Travis, another member of the Jammer Streamliner Team rode with me with a young engineer and bike builder. We hooked up with the family in a nice home on the east side of Hawthorn. We ate fresh made on the spot tacos and discussed Paul’s life with his daughter.

Then we rode down to a marina where several old bikers live including Harold, who was the boss of the Berdoo Hells Angels in the ‘60s. He’s 81 and living with his wife on their sailboat. We talked old times and Frankie, my grandson rode over and hooked up with us.

Travis taught Frankie how to kickstart his old Panhead. It’s strange. We’re getting very old and the kids are having kids. What’s it all mean, goddammit! Let’s hit the news. Read more.


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We are living through strange times. There was a code once. It was a rough as the blades on these up-swept pipes or as tough as the ride on this rigid mounted seat. It was a time when bikers took over for the outlaws of the west. Every night was a roll of the dice. Our bikes were much like this one stripped to the max. With as little as a few bucks in out pockets, a buck knife and a welder’s leather over an old military jacket we struck out to find excitement in the night. Read more.


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What’s it all about today? Las Vegas Bike fest is coming right up. It rained slightly for the first time in Los Angeles. I’m sort of excited in a tempered way. Next week I may purchase an old pickup and on the weekend Rick Krost, of US Choppers and I are headed to see Ron Paugh at Paughco.

I introduced Rick to Ron a while back, and Ron builds Rick’s frames and Rick is selling some of Ron’s older bikes. Plus, we will pick up the 5-Ball Racing Salt Torpedo and haul ass back to Los Angeles, where the fun will begin.

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Abate Call To Action

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Time is running out. Due to the November elections, Congress has less than 6 weeks of legislative calendar days to take up legislation on motorcycle profiling. We’ve gained momentum in recent weeks, don’t let this opportunity slip away.

We are mobilizing our grassroots to tell Speaker Paul Ryan, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Chairman Bob Goodlatte to consider H.Res.318 before its too late. This is a NEW Call to Action, specifically calling on leadership to push this resolution over the finish line before the end of the year.

What will it take to gain national attention on this matter? YOUR VOICE. More information here.