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Sixth Annual FXR Show & Dyna Mixer Brings Friends Back to Sturgis Buffalo Chip Aug. 5

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The sixth annual FXR Show & Dyna Mixer is a unique social opportunity to hang out and talk motorcycles with friends while admiring what some consider the best-handling Harley-Davidsons ever manufactured. Over 100 FXR and Dyna motorcycles are expected to show up to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip free-access CrossRoads, making it quite possibly the largest single show of the rally. The FXR has a long standing history in the custom world and has along with the DYNA found popularity once again with a new generation of riders and customizers inspired by legends like Don Hotop, Billy Westbrook, Donnie Smith and many others. In lieu of trophies, winners are awarded quality motorcycle parts and merchandise, thanks to the support of some of the biggest names in the industry.

Entrants are encouraged to ride in their FXR or DYNA and enter for free. Registration begins at 9:30 a.m., the show opens at 11 a.m. and awards are presented at 2 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 5, 2018.

“To many FXR riders, the FXR never went away, however, FXR fans both new and old are riding a new wave of popularity that continues to swell,” said Joe Mielke, show organizer. “The Buffalo Chip provides a great place for this event with all of their resources. We draw a lot of people who are there just to hang out and talk motorcycles. Come early and stay late for all the entertainment the Buffalo Chip has to offer. It’s a great fit.”

“This is a great show,” said Rod Woodruff, Sturgis Buffalo Chip President. “We love having the cool bikes and even more so the people who thought to build them all at the Chip for a big social event. The fact that they raise money for LifeScape is such a bonus. I’m looking forward to being part of it here on August 5.”


To add to the uniqueness of the show, those who have motorcycles in the show act as the judges by selecting their top three in each class. The general public also has an opportunity to vote for their favorite, with the top vote-getter receiving “The People’s Choice Award.”


During the show, a raffle is held with all proceeds donated directly to LifeScape of South Dakota, formerly known as Children’s Care Hospital and School of South Dakota. New this year, Paughco has donated a frame, tank and swingarm, the basis for an FXR project. Additional parts are being gathered to create a roller. The FXR roller will have its own dedicated raffle tickets.


The show graciously accepts donations at any level. Those interested can contact Joe Mielke at

More information is available at

More motorcycle shows to be held at the Buffalo Chip’s CrossRoads will be announced soon.


Paughco Trike Conversion Kits for Sportsters

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Paughco’s new Trike Conversion Kits have got to be the coolest thing to hit the industry since Capt. America. Seriously, Paughco has made converting your Sportster from 2-wheels to 3, a simple, do-it-yourself proposition that is certainly going to evolve into a whole new trend in chopper design and styling.

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Bike Feature — Buffalo Chip Legends Ride Custom

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A custom motorcycle built for the Sturgis Buffalo Chip by celebrity builder Paul Teutul Jr. on Discovery’s hit TV show “American Chopper” was revealed during an episode that aired May 28. Teutul first introduced audiences to the Buffalo Chip-inspired custom bike in the series’ March 1 season premiere. The second episode again featured the build as he visited the Buffalo Chip and surrounding Black Hills for inspiration and then completed the project.

Bikernet has a full photo feature on this impressive custom bike here.


Discovery’s “American Chopper” Buffalo Chip Motorcycle to be Unveiled Live May 28 in Deadwood

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The successful Discovery Channel series that brought America the father-son team of Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr. is back with a big connection to South Dakota’s Black Hills. The first episode of American Chopper, “Welcome Back,” aired in March, and Paul Jr. offered a few glimpses of his latest project, a Sturgis Buffalo Chip-inspired custom. The episode that will air May 28, will feature the bike and likely include footage of Mt Rushmore and Deadwood’s historic Main Street filmed last fall. The motorcycle has been under embargo awaiting the unveil on national television. Anyone wanting to be one of the first to see the bike can do so during a live unveil at the Old Style Saloon #10 at 9 p.m. on Monday, May 28 while the show airs on Discovery.

“The Buffalo Chip is all about music and motorcycles,” said Paul Teutul Jr. in the first episode. “The real inspiration for the Buffalo Chip bike is South Dakota, The Old West, Deadwood and the Black Hills, that whole entire area, and I thought it would be cool to roll in some earthy elements like nickel and copper.”

Paul Teutul Jr. met with Sturgis Buffalo Chip president Rod Woodruff on site at the Buffalo Chip to discuss the project. Teutul then returned to his shop to build the bike in the first two episodes of the hit TV series.

A sneak peak of the May 28 episode of “American Chopper” can be viewed below.



Trikes—Threesome Report

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Harley-Davidson’s three-wheeled Tri Glide Ultra has successful moved up Trike rankings with annual improvements and a brand-spanking new engine. The factory powers it with its powerful Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine introduced last year that cranks out over 100 pounds o’ grunt to place it well into the power-cruiser category. Exhaust components rerouting addressed heat problems from prior model-years, and the King of Paint added a couple of new, two-tone paint schemes to the palette as well as a 115th Anniversary model for 2018. Harley’s target market for this beast mainly consists of persons who are unwilling or unable to manage one of their admittedly top-heavy, two-wheeled tourers for one reason or another. No wonder H-D markets Tri Glide as a tour bike.



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It’s Twisted and Strange but We’re Still Struggling for Motorcycle Freedom and our Veterans

This is a day of Quandaries. A sorta, which way to turn day. I’m watching another lecture series with Dr. Peter Vishton phd. It’s on how our brain works and how we can change it.

Say you have a bad habit like snacking all day or smoking and you want help. Carry a note pad and every time you snack write it down. At the end of the day, read your notes. You are forcing your unconscious behavior into the conscience side.

He has a couple of lectures about obesity but they apply to many aspects of our lives. Clean your kitchen or straighten up your room or shop. This process relieves stress and makes you more comfortable and less likely to snack or stress.

And here are a couple of tips we can all use. Whatever you need to do today or tomorrow, hit the hardest project first. Save your energy for the tough one.

Many of these are counter-intuitive. If you have a major goal, try not to tell anyone, or as few as possible. You got me, but your brain starts to slip when you tell folks. I should pay attention to that one.

And finally, to avoid procrastinating when you are faced with a task, stop and don’t do anything for 20 minutes. Focus on it and let your mind get a handle on it. Interesting.

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In the past few decades, we have had what are known as “shock jocks,” disc jockeys and radio hosts who entertain some listeners by going against the grain while on the air. They attract attention by pushing the envelope as much as they can, until the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) clamps down on the owners of the station. Often, fines are levied in hopes that the company can reprimand their disc jockeys and get them to conform to the rules.

It’s a “catch-22” in some cases, because although some listeners find certain comments offensive, the overall number of listeners increases significantly. More listeners, more sponsorship, equals more revenue for the station. Some radio stations have been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars, and as a result, on-air personalities and their producers have been fired.

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