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'Why We Ride' – Movie Review

By May 31, 2014General Posts




The cinematography is gorgeous and ‘Why We Ride’ is insightful, humorous, touching and inspiring.  

This movie made itself.  Born from the inspiration of documenting the legacy of Ed Kretz it took on a life of its own.  Why We Ride wasn’t funded by a conglomeration of sponsors all vying for product placement screen time.  It was funded by a group of private investors. The Director and camera crew literally started day one shooting at the Sturgis motorcycle rally with no prior contacts or scripts. Soon, the project had its own momentum, its own direction.  The cast of interviewees is a who’s who of two wheels and the scope of this film spans decades of motorcycle history from Americas first motorcycles, minibikes to motocross. In the end, the movie is self distributed; it’s not controlled by a big studio and can’t be shelved for the next zombie or vampire fad.

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