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'Why We Ride' Motorcycle Documentary On National Screening Tour

By October 30, 2013General Posts

The filmmakers behind the award winning motorcycle documentary, Why We Ride, are proud to announce a revolutionary new screening program starting immediately, allowing fans, riders and dealers the opportunity to watch the movie in their local theaters.

This film is about the ‘We’ in Why We Ride, “ said director, Bryan H. Carroll, “and what better way to celebrate that, than to make it available for every community around the country to come together and watch the movie right in their home town.”

Through an innovative distribution program, the film is readily available to screen at almost any theater in the United States based on local demand. “We intentionally made this movie outside of the studio system and free from any sponsor commitments, allowing us the opportunity to explore the new and exciting ways an independent film can now be distributed”, said producer, James Walker.

To set up a screening of Why We Ride at a movie theater near you, contact any of the motorcycle dealerships in your area and ask them to reach out to Mike Shell at Mike will then work directly with your dealer to make the film available for you and your friends and family to immediately enjoy

For more information or to watch the theatrical trailer, please visit