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Stormie 2


I’m a disabled Vietnam vet and so is our Performance Editor, Ray C. Wheeler. We have a lot of close brothers who are also disable veterans. My brother, David is also Cambodia veteran.

I was honored to sit at a dinner table recently with my 93-year-old mom and Archie, a veteran from WWII. He was in Okinawa, when the Japanese surrendered. I was moved to know a man who was on the spot.

I also recently read a book by the mother of the Redhead of Redheads, Alison. Her mom, Betty Bettencourt Dodds wrote a book, The McClelland Civil War Letters, after she discovered a passel of letters written by two young brothers to their folks after they left home during the Civil War. Amazing book, easy to read. One of the sons was killed in New Mexico, fighting Apache Indians. The other, John McClelland fought from the beginning of the war until the very end, and was even in the procession for Lincoln’s funeral. Amazing.

I was caught off guard when he said his cousin attended the play at the Ford theater and saw John Wilkes Booth jump onto the stage after he shot the President. Incredible. Over 600,000 died in the Civil War and 60,000 died in Vietnam.

Here’s to all veterans, old and young. We all stood tall for Freedom. I wish our government would put Freedom first. It works, it’s what so many died for. – Read all of the news here