Veterans Come To The Rescue Of A Fellow Stranded Rider, Bruce Springsteen, End Getting Flack For It… Really?

From CNN

Note: No matter what our beliefs may be, at the end of the day we’re all riders, we’re all American and we’re all in this together, for better or for worse—you know what I mean. So we might as well make this ride a good one, because no-one else will .

Dan Barkalow did not think twice before stopping by the side of the road near Freehold, New Jersey, to help out a stranded fellow biker.


Then he noticed the guy looked familiar. It was none other than Bruce Springsteen.
“It’s a day I probably won’t forget for a while,” Dan Barkalow, 54, told CNN. “The moment I got off the bike I saw it was him, and he was a real nice, down-to-earth guy.”

After sharing their brush with Jersey royalty on the Facebook page for the Freehold American Legion – Monmouth Post 54, however, the bikers said they experienced an unexpected backlash.
“What started out as a story of interest posted to our American Legion Facebook page has devolved into a nauseating political altercation full of vitriol and insults, none of which are from our members,” said a statement on the page. ” If we are to survive as a nation both sides have to stop the hate.”
“It’s pretty disgusting,” Barkalow said later of the nasty comments. “All I know is, I’m a pretty humble guy. I just stopped to help someone out.”

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