Up For A Biker Wedding?

Online dating community for bikers, BikerKiss, carried out a survey in which its members were asked what kind of wedding they would go for if they were about to get married. Among all the answers collected, 73% bikers said they would consider adding motorcycle element to their wedding. “We would definitely place our bikes on the wedding ceremony, maybe add some decorations to them, you know, balloons, ribbons… We are getting married, and so are our bikes!” said Joe, a gold member on BikerKiss.

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“It’s really exciting that we’re going to do this. Our bikers are essentially what our relationship is built on along the way,” said Ali, Joe’s fiancee, who met Joe on BikerKiss about a year ago. “Of course I love him more than the bike now.” Joe and Ali are getting married in June.

Some bikers yearn for a wedding on the road. “It’s gonna be awesome if my wedding is just on a quiet, calm spring day in the wild. Just me, my fiancee, the priest and our bikes would be fine. Maybe some friends.” said Steve. Some other bikers expressed similar thoughts.

Another 27% bikers said they would not infuse any biker theme into their wedding. Some of them want a luxurious wedding in a fancy hotel, some in the countryside with their whole family, some are thinking about doing it on a cruise.

Here are some thoughts BikerKiss members have on a biker themed wedding:

  • Design the wedding attire based on biker fashion.
  • Ride down the aisle instead of walking down the aisle.
  • The location of the wedding ceremony can be at a biker bar, or even on the open road.
  • Would love to use shot glasses as favors.
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