Trask Turbo Systems Twin Cam Turbo System

Designed for the 88”, 96”, 103”, 110” and the new 120R motors. Provides a usable power boost that straightens out steep mountain grades, makes passing a breeze and packing heavy loads a pleasure. When installed and tuned properly you can expect your bike to produce between 120 – 130 HP and 120 – 130 TQ. The system is supplied as a complete package including a patent pending, precision billet plenum with snap in venturi that creates 100% unobstructed air flow, a Garrett modified GT turbo, ceramic and chrome custom designed pipes and a performance Barnett clutch spring. The easy to follow instructional CD comes with all race tuner maps needed. This system requires the use of an Thundermax Tuning System, not supplied. TRASK CHARGER TURBO SYSTEMS retail for $4995.00 (non intercooled) and $5490.00 (intercooled). Check out the entire line of TRASK Turbo systems or call them direct on 623-879-8488.

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