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Trask Offers Complete Turbo Installs In Sturgis

By July 18, 2013General Posts


Sturgis 2013 is approaching fast! Trask Turbo Systems will be at Black Hills Harley Davidson from July 29th till August 11th performing turbo system installs during the event! That’s free installation with a combined price of $6,500.00 for the turbo system with Thundermax tuning system and 2 bar map sensor! That’s 60+ bolt on horsepower for a completely stock fuel injected twin cam Harley Davidson. No need to get into the motor. With 10+ years of experience the Trask Turbo System is the most reliable dependable form of turbo forced induction on the market today. Customers of Trask have recorded 70,000 or more miles on their turbo systems with nothing but routine maintenance! Trask is booking installs now for this Sturgis only deal! Hit the banner below for more details.