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Tips for the Road From the Wandering Sparrow

By June 10, 2016General Posts

The following post is reprinted from the J&P Cycles Blog. There are loads of great advice in this piece. Some you know, some that might surprise you. Either way, it’s info worth sharing and we though you’d enjoy this.


When it comes to riding I’ve found that if you’re not comfortable you are not happy. When you’re not happy it’s no fun to ride. Motorcycle manufacturers have designed bikes to be One Size Fits All and that’s where the problem lies. To be comfortable on your bike you must make the three points of contact work with the shape and size of your body to be more ergonomically comfortable. The three points of contact are of course your hands, feet and rear end. If the handlebar height and position is too low or forward you will soon experience pain in the lower neck. Highway pegs will make or break a long trip and a comfortable seat will guarantee a much longer ride. Once the three points are to your satisfaction you can take it your comfort level one step further. Soft hand grips are a big plus but most riders unknowingly will put a “death grip” on the throttle side and wonder why their fight hand is sore after a while.


Best bang for the buck is the Throttle Rocker II for under 10 dollars.


Not only does the Throttle Rocker II curve from front to rear it also curves from left to right for a perfect fit in the palm/heal of your hand. The Velcro mounting strap allows for use on any diameter grip.

The Throttle Rocker II helps eliminate the dreaded “death grip” by improving the throttle leverage doing away with the need to grip so tight. It also works great on models with cruise control (my last four bikes have had cruise control). I’ve found that you use the cruise function only part of the time but you use the throttle all of the time. I highly recommend this part.


The most comfortable riding socks I’ve ever owned bar none.


Bates riding socks are available in both over the calf or mid-calf styles.

Not only is foot position important for comfort but something as simple as a pair of high quality socks will extend your ride time and keep the most abused part of your body dry and happy. Socks have evolved over the last 20 years almost as much as motorcycles have. These Bates riding socks have quickly become my favorite socks due to their moisture wicking construction, no-sag properties and super soft feel. There’s nothing worse than a crappy pair of socks that slowly work their way down your calves and wad up at the bottom of your boots. These I really like.


I’ll just cut to the chase, My Package underwear keeps your junk from sticking to your thighs and wicks unwanted moisture.

Many years ago silk skivvies were the preferred underpants of long distance riders but they just weren’t perfect for keeping the boys happy due to what is known in the antique computer world as “floppy disc”. Not only are the My Package underwear made from a moisture wicking material that keeps the family jewels dry but they also feature a three dimensional front pouch that supports your package while keeping it from sticking to your thighs. This feature eliminates the constant rearrangement that’s necessary in stop and go traffic when you are always dropping and lifting your feet (referred to by older bikers as settling). These work for me and I give them a five star rating.


Anti Monkey Butt powder is self explanatory and similar to what your mom used on your butt then you were a baby. It can be used on everything from the armpits to the feet and everywhere in between.

Last but not least is what I consider the powder of happiness. Anti Monkey Butt Powder is self explanatory and similar to what your mom used on your butt when you were a baby but only better. I use it on every body part from the neck on down.

I hope these simple road tips will improve and extend your riding experience. Now get out there and have fun!