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Thunderbike Gulf Edition Wraps Harley-Davidson Custom Build in Le Mans Colors

By August 5, 2020General Posts

by Daniel Patrascu from

There are a few car colors in this world that are perhaps more recognizable than the vehicles they are sprayed on. When talking about production cars, who doesn’t know about the Nardo Gray, or the British Racing Green?

Motorsport has its share of stars as well. One of them is called Gulf Oil livery, and was made famous back in the 1960s by Ford and its efforts to better Ferrari at Le Mans. It was later sprayed on other machines as well, and it is presently to be found on one of the many versions of the Ford GT.

We must admit though that we’ve never seen the Gulf on a motorcycle. At least not until we uncovered the Thunderbike Gulf Edition, a motorcycle made by the famous German shop with the goal of paying tribute to the “absolute cult in racing” color scheme.

The bike itself is the usual blend of a custom frame (in this case one called Dragster RS) and the power of a Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle engine. The two were paired to a wealth of custom parts that look great, but are made stunning by the color wrap.

We’re not told who handled the paint scheme, but knowing Thunderbike it was probably Kruse Design. The specialist really outdid itself this time, somehow managing to closely replicate the blue and orange scheme seen on the Le Mans racers.

The entire frame of the bike is blue, and so are the fuel tank and fenders. An orange stripe runs smack down the middle, from the right fender, over the fuel tank and seat, and ends on the rear fender. Both shades seems to be the proper ones, and look amazing with the black of the engine block and the wheels.

We are not being told how much the Gulf Edition cost to make, but the result is truly spectacular and unexpected.