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We are fighting the EPA over performance products for motorcycles and cars.
Drag Specialties was forced to remove 280 part numbers from their catalogs due to fines from the Air Resources Board in California. Folks have told me there’s nothing we can do. We will be regulated, so just deal with it.

That’s funny in not a humorous way. Why don’t we learn from our history? Even recent history, like the war on drugs. Government isn’t always right and very often extremely wrong, like the McCarthy era when folks were jailed and careers destroyed because they had coffee with a suspected communist. Hell, the whole Vietnam war was a lie and if it wasn’t for the hippy movement we would still be carpet bombing little helpless folks in rice patties. We lost 60,000. They lost 5 million.

That’s why this government has been successful from time to time, because we understood freedom and had rights. So, what’s the problem? Why can’t we stand up to CARB and the EPA and explain that Freedom and balance matters.

Let’s hit the news. Exciting stuff ahead.

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This week we have news from Ford, Metal Sport, the Battery God, Porter Ranch, Indian, Trailblazers, and files from the Bikernet Bad Joke Library get it here.