The Resurrection of the 1966 Red Dragon

By July 13, 2018General Posts

While the mythical dragon may have been rooted in early discoveries of fossil dinosaur bones, today the image of the dragon is a popular subject in many cultures where it appears in many forms and colors, but symbolically sharing common attributes. In the pantheon of animal imagery originating in the East, the dragon is seen as the master of all primal elements, capable of breathing both fire and ice as well as foreseeing future events and often symbolic of powerful rulers. All the above could also be ascribed to a particular motorcycle, the Honda “Red Dragon” itself rare as dragon teeth. Myth or reality?
The story of the “Red Dragon” begins sometime back in the early 1960s when Honda’s star was rising not only over Japan but casting its corporate light world-wide, its milestone motorcycles setting new standards for quality and dependability as well as marketing savvy. Read more.