The Outlaw West Bikernet Weekly News for May 16, 2024

Get a blast of the positive corner of the motorcycling industry. We are upbeat against the uphill climb to ride out the terror of climate doomsdayers and owner-repair naysayers.

Sturgis may have a new race but the city council and its city folks may just have something to say or do about it.

Dave Zein tells you like it is and how it should be. You need to be a part of MRF, IMF and ABATE.

Don’t worry, Sam Burns rode in with a ton of trikes and babes–well many photos of one babe at least.

KlockWerks has a partnership with Indian Motorcycle, so you’d wanna know about it. There is a new rodeo in a town in Ohio by Easyriders Events. Bandit it is keeping the Sturgis Museum on its toes with his passion to ride it to monumental status. You gotta keep up because he finishes entire projects by the time you get out of bed.

Someone needed Bikemaster oil so we spilled the news on them. Its available in multigrade mineral and fully synthetic. So you may wanna grab one before you go on a run.

A Satan’s Slave acquaintance dropped by to say hi. Satan was unavailable for comment and we pray all is well. Down Under, someone is already singing a song damning the situation over there. Check out that video at your own peril. Strictly for children above 21 years old only. In serious news–schools in Virginia are gonna go back to their Confederate names. It is uncertain if students will be wearing gray uniforms in class but maybe their childhood is now under siege.

Other serious concern shared is the truth about climate and California pollution.

AMRA is still chasing fun with a family of racers ready to let it rip at every new town and Raceway.

I had been trying for two years to get someone to believe in my idea of hitching my longboard to my motorcycle. To my shock and awe, LowBrow Customs has a skateboard rack for Sportsters and Dynas. I have neither Sportsters or Dynas and actually no skateboard–I have the outdoors “longboard”. But let’s see what I can do with this and a beaten up Enfield (motorcycle, not the rifle).

LowBrow also is giving away free PDFs of something you need to grab while it lasts. (What is the expiry date on a computer file?) Well, as long as they are sharing it and is available for download.

Even The Sheriff popped in for a hello and status update from Greece and about Sweden. There is a mention of a Japanese business….find out that it is indeed exceptional excellence that is, online since 27 years.

Yale has wisdom and light…for incense. No smoking in the Bikernet Temple.

Did you know, every week, you have a hot deal on a used motorcycle, only on Yes, courtesy of Lifestyle Cycles, the best in the business and open 7 days of the week.

S&S announced a new muffler? For what? I am silenced to avoid spoilers.

If you thought you could never start exercising, it is true as per a new article which also offers a solution. No, not a lotion solution such as snake oil or beer shampoo–just some things to do to get you to exercise.

Reader Comments pour in and Bandit has them handled before any of them could click another selfie. Just kidding! Bikers only click photos of motorcycles. I don’t have a photo of myself since school group photos and the Missing Cat Flyers posted all over the city in which the photocopy person used my photo instead of my cat’s photo because the cat was of course missing.

There is a contest from Throttle Addiction and you might just get to ride your motorcycle around on a truck.

Bandit wrote a 100 word limit fiction because it is a contest and he is as competitive as anyone can be. I learnt about a creature called Vols from him today.

Does all this seem like an excessive overview or a very lousy review? You will have to visit the News to know and comment.

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