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The one taboo phrase that plagues the biker world is "Biker Down!"

By June 3, 2014General Posts


motorcycle injuries


In nursing school, they don’t really teach you what to do at an accident, and then I discovered the ‘Accident Scene Management/Road Guardians’ courses.  

This is where it starts, we’ve lost so many through the years, brothers and sisters in the wind, and it seems as we get older, there are so many more that quickly take the route to the silent highway.

In nursing school, they don’t teach you what to do at an accident scene as they tell you to leave that to the EMT’s or the Paramedics.  Nurses are taught to Assess, Plan, Implement, and Evaluate.  The nursing process is based on practices or theories that are taught in the nursing school curriculum. So while we could help the victim, we still felt like helpless victims ourselves, a crucial gap in emergent care, that neither of us was previously aware of.

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road guardians

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