The Flat Out Vest Adjustment

When you’re into riding flat out, you need to be willing and capable to make adjustments. We decided to give our cool Flat Out Vest several snappy upgrades based on road testing.

This puppy will now be our classic leather vest with just the right design and upgrades.

I got tired of the preacher collar messing with shirts and hoodies, so we removed it and trimmed the collar and arm holes in leather. The back will have the classic western cut trim and the waist band with return on this vest.

Of course, it will contain all of our exclusive gun pockets and the too cool media pocket in the back.

These puppies will be in stock shortly. Order a Flat Out and receive the new model. Or check out any of our other cool vests, jackets and we now have the perfect Racy women’s jacket and the women’s light Pit Crew Vest.


You always get bling and a signed book with your leather order.

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