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By August 14, 2020General Posts

It’s hard to believe that our online summer fundraiser, “Drive For History” is almost over. Next week the event closes out with a focus on some of the most significant machines in the Wheels Through Time collection. We want to say thank you to everyone who has watched, commented, and contributed to make this event such a great success. As many of you know, Wheels Through Time is entirely funded through the generous contributions of our supporters; it’s incredible people like you that help fuel “The Museum That Runs.”

Just because the Drive For History is over doesn’t mean that you still can’t play a part! Head over to to catch up on all the amazing video content and to make a contribution to keep one of a kind content like this coming.



One of the most important bikes in the museum collection by far is our annual raffle bike. On November 14th, someone’s life will change when we award this beautiful 1939 Harley Davidson Knucklehead to one lucky winner. There’s no better way to support the museum and no better time than now to get your tickets