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The Endless Highway – Part One

By April 6, 2014General Posts


1 Panhead Billy Burrows. On road since 1976


Lifestyles of the fulltime motorcycle drifters.  By Scooter Tramp Scotty.

Of course, such a life requires that the nomadic motorcyclist adopt, refine, and embrace many unorthodox methods. And although these men share similarities such as high mileage, often beat-up, gypsy motorcycles generally packed to beyond capacity with the accommodations of freedom; a willingness to make camp wherever is convenient, and an attitude that allows instant adaptation to changing environments. I’ve noted that, being tenacious individualists, no two of these men use exactly the same methods. In fact, their techniques often vary widely. So it is in these next pages that I’d like to examine the different methods used by these nomadic drifter types. For I’ve known them all many years.

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