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Voting Starts This Friday!
Vote for the Final Six Pack

Builders have been working hard over the holidays to create show-quality choppers that can be ridden to the stage at Cook’s Corner. Our sponsors have pitched in tons of dough, and it’s all going to the builders: $10,000 to the Champ and a grand to each of the runners up. This heavy purse, and the fact that the bikes get ridden to the bar are going to up the ante this year and the bikes are already off the hook as builders try to outdo each other.
Your job in this democratic process is to select the Final 6 builders who will compete at Cook’s for the title of 2020 Biltwell People’s Champ. Voting opens this Friday. You will be able to scroll through each of the builder’s latest descriptions and a single photo, plus you can dive deep into their Instagram feeds to determine your favorites. We will announce the Final 6-Pack of finalists sometime Monday the 20th on Instagram and Facebook: @biltwell_peoples_champ and @biltwell
Instagram Feeds for the 13 Semi-Finalists:
James Alcorn (Fish)  @alleywaykustoms
Ty Branum  @Tyballs1
Landon Bateman  @batescycles
Steven Bate  @dixiana_co
Ryan Burdick (Burd) @carnivalburd
Kenny Diehl @K_diehl
Jacob Hamilton  @dirtytacolove
Luke Heafner  @_luke_the_drifter_
Steve Glennon (Part Time) @parttimersteve
Kento Oketani (Fury)  @fury36
Joe Rodriguez  @swabbie_joe
Travis Stuckey  @travisstuckey
Ge Targino  @targinokustoms