The Clear Choice For Open Belt Drive

Rivera Primo spent a little over a year designing and testing their newest badass product, the TransparaGuard. Here’s what they have to say about it.

Over the past gazillion years, I have constantly been asked by customers from all walks of life (and almost living) to come up with a belt guard that covers the belt and moving stuff, but where they still can see that they have an open belt drive. As we all know, open belt drives are way cool, but can also be a bit dangerous to bell bottom jeans and long scarves. Well, the engineers at RPI (Rivera Primo Inc.) for many years have been pouring over technical manuals, going to plastics seminars (what fun), studying star charts and generally sitting in our conference room with a doobie and a bottle of torpedoe red trying to come up with such a thing as an invisible force field for an open belt drive. And guess what? We done did it! Well, not the forcefield thingy, but we created a polycarbonate, optically clear, UV-resistant, shatter-resistant outer guard for most open belt drives.

The TransparaGuard does what we were asked for, it protects you fully from the moving parts, but allows everyone to see that you indeed run an Open Belt Drive. Its a beautiful thing, and whats more, you can paint, machine, engrave or just stare at the TransparaGuard™ anytime you like. This puppy will be available for the Primo® Brute IV Extreme (2014-0078) and also for any manufacturers belt drive as a universal fit (2014-0149). Other applications will soon follow, as well as versions with built-in LED lighting.

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