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Thanksgiving Day: The Best Day To Lay Down Your Bike

By December 9, 2013General Posts


bike front


Much To Be Thankful For

Photos and Text by Tyler Ludlow

Its one o’clock and I am sitting in the break room of the Food Lion in Greensboro, North Carolina. I’m drinking a Gatorade and rubbing a wad of wet paper towels across the road rash that used to be my lower back. They don’t have any hot coffee. This makes sense because it’s Thanksgiving day.

My hard tail Sporty chopper is in pieces in the side parking lot, leaning up against the wall of the super market. Leaning up against the bike is my backpack, stuffed like a baked potato with my headlight and rain gear pants. I cut those off myself with my pocketknife. Highway 41 contains the bolts to the linkages, shifter pegs, grips, and about half the gas my tank should’ve been holding. I am not sure if the cold drink is helping to reduce the swelling in my clutch hand, since hands are mostly ligaments and tendons.

I probably should’ve rented a car.