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Tastes Good…..No….Less Filling

By September 30, 2013General Posts

Do you try’n ‘Harleyize’ your metric OR ???
Text and Photos by Derrel Whitemyer

Sooo you’ve been searching the internet for dealerships that have new bike sales and you stumble across a husband and wife selling ‘both’ their bikes for two thirds of what you’d pay for a new one. One’s a 2009 Yamaha Road Warrior; the other is a 2009 Yamaha Raider. Both have less than 8500 miles on them. They’re the original owners and the bikes have two years left on their extended factory warranties…soooo you trailer them home.

Now you’re faced with the question many metric riders face: Do you try’n ‘Harleyize’ your metric OR do you own ‘ALL’ of what you’ve bought. I VOTE you own what you bought for the simple reason; if you wanted a Harley you should’ve bought a Harley.