Commute to work for just a £1 a week

Commute to work for just a £1 a week: Car firm SEAT unveils zero-emission electric motorcycle that it claims will save the average biker hundreds of pounds a year in running costs Motorcycle has range of 71 miles for each charge and cost 60-70p per charge Power is from a 11kW motor, which is equivalent to a 125cc petrol engine It is not known if the e-scooter by Spanish company Seat will go on sale in UK  by Milly Vincent from An electric motorcycle that can do a 100-mile weekly commute for approximately £1 has been unveiled by Spanish car firm Seat. The e-Scooter concept is a response to a growing demand from urban commuters for zero emission mobility solutions. With the equivalent to a 125cc petrol engine, its 11kW motor gives it a 0-31mph time of 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 62mph. Incredibly the motorcycle has a range of 71 miles between charges and will typically cost just 60-70p to fully charge. The average fossil-fulled motorcycle can go around double that on a tank of petrol, which would likely cost around £20, meaning the electric bike offers quite a saving. And with the average British motorcyclist riding approximately 5,000 miles per year, the e-Scooter would cost them around £1 per week in electricity if the production model is eventually sold in the UK. SEAT’s new motorcycle is the Spanish firm’s latest response to urban motoring and follows this month’s launch of the Mii Electric, its first ever zero emission car. The e-Scooter was unveiled in Barcelona in a partnership with Silence, and will enter full production next year. The firm is yet to confirm if the electric bike will be sold in the UK, which is one of Europe’s largest market for motorcycles, with more than […]

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