100WFC: Divide and Run by Gearhead

Divide and Run by Gearhead with illustration by Wayfarer TJ on his ‘80 Super Glide, Budreu on his ‘80 Wide Glide and me on my ‘70 Electra Glide jammed. The local sheriff waited for us to make a slip up for days. We knew all the back roads. We left the Rusty Nail bar one night and spotted the Sheriff in our vibrating sideview mirrors. Three abreast, we pulled up to the only dingy stop light in town. He turned on his flashing cop lights, and we left on the hazy green signal in three different ways. He pulled into the intersection and just sat there. (publication dated 11-May-2024) * * * Check out this year’s winners and all the entries since last year by visiting Bikernet.com https://www.bikernet.com/pages/Bikernet_100_Word_Fiction_Contest_2024.aspx

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