Indian Motorcycle — Winterizing Your Bike

Not every Indian Motorcycle® rider is lucky enough to live where the climate lets you ride year-round. For snowbelt residents who live amid snowy, icy streets that are unridable in winter, here’s how to prepare your Indian® motorcycle for winter storage. The goal of winter storage prep is to protect the bike and have it ready to start and run once spring arrives. Many Indian Motorcycle dealers will prep and store your bike for the winter. This frees up your garage space at home, and it lets you rest easy knowing your bike was professionally prepped for winter and is being stored properly. Plus, these dealers commonly include pre-ride service and prep when you pick up your bike in the spring. If you do the storage prep work yourself, rely on your dealer for supplies you’ll need such as oil, fuel stabilizer, cleaning solutions, covers, and more. Protect the Engine & Fuel System After your final ride of the season, fill the fuel tank with non-oxygenated fuel and add Indian Motorcycle fuel stabilizer to the tank. Run the engine briefly (1-2 minutes should do) to get the stabilizer mixed among the fuel. Having the tank full of fuel minimizes the chances of condensation. Change the oil and oil filter. You’ll remove impurities and will have the bike ready to start and run in the spring. Remove the spark plugs and add 2 teaspoons of oil to each cylinder, or spray fogging oil in the plug holes. With the plugs out, cover the plug holes with cardboard or a rag and crank the engine over to coat the cylinders with protective oil. Trickle Charge the Battery If you want to keep your battery charged all winter, disconnect the cable to the negative battery post and attach the trickle charger. A proper […]

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