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Alternet Systems Electric Motorcycle Rideshare Program Parallels UN Program for Kenya

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by Anusuya Lahiri from

Alternet Systems Electric Motorcycle Rideshare Program Parallels UN E-Boda-Boda Program for Kenya

Alternet Systems Inc emphasized the simultaneous U.N. E-Boda-Boda program with its Kenya rideshare electric motorcycle debut by July 2021.

The program will be conducive to the technological shift towards electric bikes. Alternet expects valuable information to enhance its electric motorcycle launch.

Alternet has an order to deliver 2000 electric motorcycles in Kenya for the motorcycle taxi (Boda) market.

Additionally, Alternet plans to introduce a self-drive rental program to hire electric motorcycles that can be unlocked via a mobile phone app.

Price action: Alternet shares traded higher.

J J Solari Steps into the Climate Ring

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The guy in the unintentional Monty Python imitation video is Alok Sharma – the chairman of something or other called the UN COP23.

He is not actually giving you any actual information. He is just making assertions. He might as well be saying “Inanimate Lives Matter.” I will demonstrate.

– J J Solari

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