The Flying Wrens: Sisterhood of Motorcycling Heroes

All-Female British dispatch riders of WW-II Originally, the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS) was formed in 1917, during WW-I. Riding on narrow British roads in all weather conditions can be a dangerous enough occupation. Doing so around the clock during WW-II with the German Blitz going on around you required steel nerves. The bikes used were mostly small, single-cylinder affairs, built specifically for military use. Click Here to Read this Feature Article & Historic Photos on Join the Cantina for more – Subscribe Today.

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St. Louis woman becomes first Black female Harley-Davidson technician

People graduating in 2020 may have a much different graduation experience than those who came before. Still, they’re putting on their graduation masks, caps, and gowns, and moving down their new paths in life. Take Paris McGowan, a brand-new graduate of the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute of Orlando, with a specialization in Harley-Davidson. She’s a Black woman motorcyclist who grew up in a family of riders in St. Louis, Missouri. Her mom rides, her dad rides, and other members of the family do, too. Watch this video and you’ll see an adorable photo of tiny, eight-year-old Paris sitting on a GSX-R, grinning so big it almost hurts your heart. She’s clearly having the greatest time any eight-year-old ever had, so is it any surprise she became a rider when she got older? Not just any rider, though—a history-making one. With her graduation, McGowan is now the first-ever Black woman to graduate from MMI as a Harley-Davidson technician. It’s a barrier she’s very proud to have broken. When people see her, she may be a lot of things they’re not expecting. However, she says that people soon learn that with bikes, she definitely knows what she’s doing. “There are a lot of Black female Harley riders, or just Black female riders in general,” McGowan said. “We need to be shown more. My mother, who is a strong, proud Black woman, rides her own motorcycle. I have aunts and cousins who all ride together. I mean, we just did a female unity ride for Labor Day. I believe there were at least 300 or more female riders out there, and it was incredible.” More than anything, McGowan says, she wants women and girls—especially women and girls of color—to see her, and also hopefully see themselves. Motorcycling is for everyone—and wrenching is for all

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JIMS Product Release For The “On Bike” Valve Spring Compressor For M8

JIMS Milwaukee-Eight® “On Bike” Valve Spring Compressor When changing valve springs for performance upgrades, or simply replacing a leaking valve seal, it is necessary for the technician to completely remove the cylinder head from the engine. This adds unnecessary time and expense. With an MSRP of $265, you can now use this revolutionary and creative new tool that JIMS has developed, which eliminates this step completely. This patentpending “on bike” valve spring compressor kit for Milwaukee Eight engines, works with the cylinder head installed on the motor. Simply remove the rocker box covers and rocker arms, and install this unique compressor on the rocker arm shaft. Once the cylinder is filled with compressed air, the technician can easily rotate the tool and compress the top collar of the valve spring exposing the keepers to remove the top collar, valve spring, and seal. This patent pending tool dramatically saves time for any technician working on Milwaukee Eight performance upgrades or service work. For more information please contact us at (805) 482-6913, email us at, or visit Video Link: If you have any questions, please call me directly at (805) 482-6913.  Your time in reviewing these current, past, or future pressreleases is greatly appreciated.

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