Preview: A Climate Conversation

Self-canceling claims, such as “we own the science,” serve only to divide. Science, by definition, cannot be about consensus; the earth is not flat, and the sun does not revolve around us. We should welcome challenges to theories as fundamental to human flourishing. Without dialog, there is no science. A Climate Conversation rejects extremism in favor of a constructive debate on climate change. Devised and produced by geophysicist Walter Johnson and filmmaker Colton Moyer, A Climate Conversation offers viewers a welcome opportunity to reach a consensus based on shared values of environmentalism and humanitarian compassion.  

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Crusade Against Carbon Dioxide – September 2023

by Charles Rotter from Professor William Happer IPA lecture In September 2023, Princeton University’s Emeritus Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics, William Happer, spoke to an audience in Brisbane, Australia about the crusade against carbon dioxide and integrity in climate science. Professor Happer is one of the world’s leading scientists and climate realists, having made extensive contributions to the debate about climate science. He has played a vital role in ensuring there is integrity in climate science and the community is exposed to information and arguments that many major institutions in our society seek to silence or censor. The Institute of Public Affairs was proud to host Professor Happer on a tour around Australian where he spoke to audiences in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. To learn more about the IPA’s research visit * * * * * * * * Click it to get your Kickstart today

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