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The Tall Tales of the Climate Crisis

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Did you know that every wind turbine contains 80 gallons of oil?

by Daniel W. Nebert

For the past 35 years, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has warned us that emissions from the burning of fossil fuels, predominantly carbon dioxide (CO2), are causing dangerous global warming. This myth is blindly accepted — even by many of my science colleagues who know virtually nothing about climate. As a scientist, my purpose here is to help expose this fairy tale.

From his seminal work while prisoner of war during WWI, Serbian mathematician Milutin Milankovitch explained how climate is influenced by variations in the Earth’s asymmetric orbit, axial tilt, and rotational wobble — each going through cycles lasting as long as 120,000 years.

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Is Green the New Gray Area

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by Mark Buckner with images from Sam Burns

For as long as I can remember – which is getting to be a LONG time! – those of us who love riding motorcycles and have devoted a large part of our lives to preserving and protecting our way of life have been telling anyone who would listen that the enemies of motorcycling don’t just want to pass more and more restrictive laws where we’re concerned.

Their ultimate goal is to get us off the road entirely.

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Fliers for Freedom

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I was inspired by Becky Zarling, an MRF Assistant rep and a hardworking member of ABATE of Wisconsin. She pronounced in her newsletter that members of ABATE would attend every motorcycle event in Wisconsin, meet bikers and hand out fliers regarding legislation, MRF efforts and ABATE of Wisconsin activities. I was moved and motivated.

I asked Becky if I could create an important MRF flier about the biggest threat to our lifestyle. Could she add it to her leaflets and make it available to riders all over her state? She said yes, but there were some guidelines she must follow. First the flier had to be motorcycle centric and secondly, and of course, the wording must be approved by the MRF Board.

There you have it. So, I’m here to present my original version and the version edited by the CO2 Coalition. I hope one or the other is approved and we can move forward. Chris Callen, the boss of Cycle Source Magazine volunteered to handle the art layout. We will make these available to anyone who wants them free of charge. is also sponsoring this

Keith R. Ball



Harley CEO Jochen Zeitz tells us that after 120 years of being famous for its big gas-powered models, electrification is the logical next step.



More carbon dioxide will help everyone including future generations. CO2 is the essential food for land-based plants. The Earth’s biosphere has experienced a relative CO2 famine for millions of years, but the recent increase in CO2 levels with the use of Fossil Fuels has had a measurable, positive effect on plant life.




Net Zero Plans are dangerous and unsupported by science. Six hundred million years of geological evidence shows that CO2 levels are near a recordlow and that atmospheric increases of the gas follow warming periods rather than precede them. This is enough to debunk the notion that CO2 is a dominant driver of global temperatures.

–CO2 Coalition



THE MRF: The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is fighting for individual rights to ride internal combustions engines into the future. We want YOU to be able to choose what you ride and when you ride.

We believe in freedom and the ability to ride free

Join the MRF:

The IMA: The Independent Motorcycle aftermarket was founded on the principle to protect independent dealers and custom bike builders’ rights to repair and modify motorcycles. The IMA membership is determined to keep us free and vibrant into the future.

We are fortunate to be aligned with the MRF, which fought to protect our culture for over 40 years, has excellent lobbying efforts in D.C and is connected to state organizations all over the country.


THE CO2 COALITION: Providing the facts about CO2 and climate change

CO2 Coalition is the nation’s leading organization providing facts, resources and information about the vital role carbon dioxide plays in our environment.


A FINAL THOUGHT: Did you know every wind turbine contains 80 gallons of oil?

We will never give in or give up on Freedom, the Truth or our Motorcycles

–Keith R. Ball


Climate Alarmism’s Threat to a Cycling Lifestyle

Harley-Davidson CEO Jochen Zeitz tells us in the Jalopnik newsletter that after 120 years of producing big gas-powered cycles, electrification is the logical next step in a so-called age of decarbonization.

REALLY? What’s the real deal? The true science?

FACT: Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a necessity for all life, not a pollutant that threatens our existence.

For millions of years, Earth has been in a relative CO2 famine. However, since the Industrial
Revolution, increasing atmospheric CO2 has had a measurable, positive effect on plant life.

This reversal of CO2’s downward trend may very well prevent the eventual demise of all life from CO2 starvation, according to scientists at the CO2 Coalition.


CO2 will continue to boost farm productivity, help feed a growing population and contribute to an overall greening of Earth that began nearly a century ago.

Challenging Net Zero With Science

Net Zero plans to eliminate emissions of CO2 are dangerous and unsupported by science. According to 600 million years of geological evidence, CO2 levels are near a record low and atmospheric increases of the gas follow warming periods rather than precede them. This is enough to debunk the notion that CO2 is a dominant driver of global temperatures.

TRUTH: Net Zero means zero freedoms.

FIGHTING BACK: The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) stands for the freedom to choose internal combustion engines far into the future.

YOU should be able to decide what you ride and when you ride. We believe in liberty and the ability to ride free forever.

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation and the Independent Motorcycle Aftermarket are aligned in maximizing the freedom of riders and independent dealers and custom bike builders.

Having fought for more than 40 years to protect the cycling lifestyle, MRF has excellent lobbying efforts in D.C and is connected to state organizations all over the country.


CO2 COALITION, with a membership of 150 scientists and researchers, is the leading organization standing for the truth about CO2’s benefits and for
honest science.

JOIN the CO2 Coalition.

FINAL THOUGHT: Did you know that every wind turbine contains 80 gallons of oil?

We will never give in or give up on Freedom, the Truth or our Motorcycles.

–Keith R. Ball
Gordon Tomb
Senior Advisor
CO2 Coalition

25 holiday Power Facts about energy and climate

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If this year’s holiday discussions veer toward energy and climate issues, I’ve got you covered. Here are 25 facts that will make any honest person think twice about today’s anti-fossil-fuel narrative.

As you sit down at the dinner table this holiday season, I expect many of you will find yourselves in conversations about energy and climate with friends and family who may have come to inaccurate conclusions, in part because they are missing a lot of the relevant facts.

So, I’ve compiled 25 true, succinct, powerful facts about energy and and climate. Each “Power Fact” has significant implications and should make any honest person think twice about the anti-fossil-fuel narrative.

Together these facts show that the world needs more, not less, fossil fuels for as many people as possible to be productive, prosperous, and safe from climate—a job that cannot be done by unreliable solar and wind.

The 25 Power Facts are organized into 4 categories:

· Fossil fuels make us far safer from climate. (4 facts)

· Global fossil fuel use is increasing, and the energy-poor world needs even more to power life-saving machines. (5 facts)

· The “green” movement catastrophizes the future climate side-effects of fossil fuels, which are completely masterable. (8 facts)

· Unreliable solar and wind are not anywhere near able to replace fossil fuels. (8 facts)
Fossil fuels make us far safer from climate.

1. Annual deaths from climate-related causes (extreme temperature, drought, flood, storms, wildfires) have declined 98% over the last 100 years, even as CO2 levels have risen.¹

2. Even though Earth has gotten 1°C warmer in the last century, deaths from cold outnumber deaths from heat by 5-15x. Cold is more dangerous than heat on every continent. Even in especially hot countries such as India, cold-related deaths significantly exceed heat-related deaths.²

3. Near-term global warming is expected to decrease temperature-related mortality, avoiding more cold-related deaths than it will cause heat-related deaths—as it has over the past two decades.³

4. Despite many incentives for global climate-related damages to go up—preferences for riskier areas, government bailouts—GDP-adjusted climate-related damages are flat.⁴

Global fossil fuel use is increasing, and the energy-poor world needs even more to power life-saving machines.

5. Fossil fuel use is 80% of the world’s energy and still growing despite 100+ years of aggressive competition and 20+ years of political hostility and massive solar and wind favoritism.⁵

6. There is a desperate need for far more of the global-scale cost-effective energy that only fossil fuels can provide near-term: ⅓ of the world uses wood and animal dung for heating and cooking, and 3 billion use less electricity than a typical American refrigerator.⁶

7. Since 1980, India’s fossil fuel use has increased by >700% and China’s by >600%. In the same time frame, India’s life expectancy increased by 17 years and China’s by 14. ⁷

8. China, which uses mostly coal to produce “green” tech, has over 300 planned new coal plants designed to last over 40 years.⁸

9. Even nations with little or no fossil fuel resources have used fossil fuels to develop and prosper. E.g., South Korea (83% fossil fuels), Japan (85% fossil fuels), Singapore (99% fossil fuels).⁹

The “green” movement catastrophizes the future climate side-effects of fossil fuels, which are completely masterable.

10. Climate warming is concentrated in colder areas of the world (such as the Arctic), during colder times of day, and during colder seasons. (This means that future warming will occur more in cold situations where it saves lives than in hot situations where it causes problems.)¹⁰

11. The most extreme UN sea level rise projections are just 3 feet in 100 years. (This is a completely masterable level.) There are already 100 million people on Earth living below high-tide sea level.¹¹

12. Mainstream estimates say hurricanes will be less frequent and between 1-10% more intense at 2° C warming. (This is not at all catastrophic if we continue our fossil-fueled climate mastery.)¹²

13. The latest data on global hurricane frequency and intensity (Klotzbach et al 2022) shows no significant alarming upward trend.¹³

14. It is common for leading media outlets to deliberately misrepresent the flat long-term hurricane trend. E.g., the New York Times cherry-picked a starting point—the low point of 1980—to make a flat trend seem upward.¹⁴

15. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have made the point that any increases in hurricane frequency in records are likely due to increasing reporting, not actual frequency.¹⁵

16. The US Annual Heat Wave Index from the EPA has said, “Longer-term records show that heat waves in the 1930s remain the most severe in recorded U.S. history.” (Today’s “reporting” would give you no indication that this is the case.)¹⁶

17. Mainstream science is unanimous that the warming impact of CO2 diminishes (“logarithmically”) as it increases in concentration. Every new molecule of CO2 we add to the atmosphere has less of a warming effect than the previous one.¹⁷

Unreliable solar and wind are not anywhere near able to replace fossil fuels.

18. Battery backup for solar and wind is so expensive that just 3 days of global backup using Elon Musk’s Megapacks would cost $570 trillion, about 6X global GDP.¹⁸

19. Solar and wind never provide the exact amount of electricity that is needed. Electricity requires exactly matching supply and demand, and solar and wind on their own exactly match supply with demand 0% of the time.¹⁹

20. Even mild increases in demand for critical minerals involving solar and wind have led to scaling issues and cost increases. (What will the unprecedented demand increases of “net zero” plans lead to?)²⁰

21. “Net zero” plans to scale solar and wind involve more than doubling the supply of half a dozen major mined materials per decade—even though they can’t point to any examples of any major mined mineral doubling that fast, even with pro-development governments.²¹

22. 6 days after pledging to go all-EVs, California Governor Gavin Newsom told residents there wasn’t enough power to charge their EVs.²²

23. 80% of the world’s energy is not electricity. For non-electricity energy, solar and wind either can’t do what fossil fuel can—e.g., airplanes or cargo ships—or are far more expensive.²³

24. Our dependence on China for key components of solar, wind, and batteries is far greater than our dependence on Russia for fossil fuels.²⁴

Geographical distribution of the global EV battery supply chain

25. Far from out-competing fossil fuels, solar and wind are growing fast only when given massive government preferences—mandates, subsidies, and no penalty for unreliability—along with crippling government punishments of fossil fuels.²⁵


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Preview: A Climate Conversation

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Self-canceling claims, such as “we own the science,” serve only to divide. Science, by definition, cannot be about consensus; the earth is not flat, and the sun does not revolve around us. We should welcome challenges to theories as fundamental to human flourishing. Without dialog, there is no science.

A Climate Conversation rejects extremism in favor of a constructive debate on climate change. Devised and produced by geophysicist Walter Johnson and filmmaker Colton Moyer, A Climate Conversation offers viewers a welcome opportunity to reach a consensus based on shared values of environmentalism and humanitarian compassion.


Serious Hope by Bandit

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Rogue, Kirk Willard and I and thousands of other guys have been fighting for motorcyclists’ rights for decades. We continue to fight, but lots of brothers and sisters don’t pay attention.

By now most folks are aware of the green movement and what it’s doing to the Fossil Fuel industry, hell even the meat industry. Their problem and their worst fear is that they are wrong. So, what did they do? They called anyone who didn’t agree a denier.

We’re grubby bikers, we deny everything and fuck you, if you don’t like it. So let’s cut to the chase. They are wrong and the movement to point out how wrong is growing. I’ve been pushing and looking for solutions for over a decade.

Recently, with the Motorcycle Riders Foundation at my back I came up with a congressional resolution. I was and is a fight for every kid on the planet, who needs to know the truth and who should know we are living in the Best off Times, not the worst.

This last week became incredibly significant. I can’t say it loud enough. Throughout this year we have tried to find someone who would shove our resolution in front of Congress and force a hearing. We finally found support with Senator Rounds office in South Dakota.

Week before last we faced a major setback. Montana lost a court case. It could impact the entire energy industry in Montana and send a very negative message across the country.

The problem with this entire effort is not the facts, the science or the truth, it’s guts. The world and politicians on both sides of the isle are being bullied and paid off. No one wants to step up and say, “Sorry, but we’re not doomed.”

So, what happened in the last couple of days. We had the debates and one guy shook the stage. Vivek had the balls to say on national albeit fading, television that Climate Doom is a hoax and must be addressed.

Then Rocky, the lobbyist from the MRF met with… I will let him tell the story.


Had drinks with staffers for Sen. Daines of Montana yesterday and mentioned the climate. Below is what they told me on the topic.

1. Yes, the state didn’t base their argument on the facts, but an approach to get the case dismissed. Could have been for a couple reasons.

2. Very unfavorable judge for the case. Based upon merits.

3. They are appealing the case. If they receive a more favorable judge then the case can be built on merit it deserves.

Think most importantly they knew exactly the case I was talking about. They think there is a bigger battlefield on this case and didn’t seem worried. I guess that is TBD.


I immediately let Dr. Ed Berry, a freedom fighting physicist in Montana know about this development. Here’s what Ed said, “I am working on an Amicus Brief to the Montana Supreme Court. I think I can persuade the court like I did in 2011.”

The scientists at the CO2 Coalition are also on the case.

Are you beginning to see why this turned into a major week?

Stay involved and Free,


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Invasion of the Small Capacity Engines

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Small is Big: Motorcycles with less power, more styling, high sales volumes

Just as the world was recognising the perks of weekend motorcycle getaways and big V-Twin engines, there was also economic collapse, trade tariff wars and then the curse of the climate. Everyone complained about the weather and then somebody actually did something about it. Like all solutions, the proposal was a ban.

In this Article we dive into the world of small things making big waves in motorcycle industry

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Bandit Lights an Xmas Fire

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Bandit’s Cantina Episode 96 : a 2021 Christmas story

by K.Randall Ball

Bandit looked around at the dozen or so kids and looked at the sleek classic chopper with highbars he was building. The Knucklehead engine and transmission were now in place.

Marko approached and whispered something into Bandit’s ear, “Exactly,” Bandit added.

It was the week after Thanksgiving. Marko disappeared for a minute and returned with a couple of large boxes marked, “Xmas.”

“We need to do something to brighten Christmas for these kids. I’m going to paint the Chopper red and white for the holidays.” said Bandit.

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Motogo teaching confidence, building grit through motorcycles

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by Taylor Bruck from

CLEVELAND — Not everyone learns in the same way. Some people are visual learners, some are auditory, some learn better through reading and writing and others are kinesthetic learners, which is another way of saying “hands-on.”

What You Need To Know

  • The nonprofit Motogo teaches young people life skills through motorcycles
  • They teach students how to take apart a motorcycle and put it back together
  • They do that by bringing back shop class through partnerships with schools and community organizations
  • Motogo helps students learn from their failures and build self-confidence, resilience and grit

“I’ve always been a hands-on learner, and I can relate to students who have a hard time sitting still in class. I think I played sports my whole life because that’s how I learned. I learned by doing and using my hands,” said Molly Vaughn, the executive director of Motogo, a nonprofit in Cleveland.

With a majority of funding tied to high test scores in schools, many districts in the U.S. eliminated their shop classes in the 70s or 80s. She and her husband Brian Schaffran are bringing it back.

“He’s the head coach at Motogo. I love being his boss,” said Vaughn.

Schaffran owns Skidmark Garage, and in 2017 alongside Vaughn, the two founded its nonprofit educational wing, Motogo. Motogo is a mobile shop class with a mission to teach kids to solve problems and build grit and confidence through building motorcycles.

Schaffran is a former high school math and history teacher. It wasn’t until he could use his hands that he really fell in love with learning.

“Once I just learned by doing, then that woke my motivation up to take as many college classes as I could and learn as much as I could about everything in the world,” said Schaffran. “Getting a kid to memorize is one thing, but getting a kid to love to learn is the ultimate goal, and shop class helps some students wake up that love of learning.”

He’s not alone. Many people prefer to learn by doing.

“I find it easier, like when you’re actually like in the field doing something, not just like reading off a book,” said Liam Michael, a junior at Saint Martin de Porres High School, a school currently hosting an after-school Motogo program.

“It’s different. I’s something I never thought about doing so it’s fun doing it and learning,” said Maladdia Williams, a freshman at Saint Martin de Porres High School.

Motogo has already been in more than 20 different schools and community organizations. They offer quarter-long and full semester in-school and out-of-school STEM curriculums, as well as week-long summer camps for middle and high school students.

“It helps me figure out what I want to do. I mean, the more knowledge, the better,” said Elijah Williams, a sophomore at Saint Martin de Porres High School.

“I learned a lot about the tools. Like I really didn’t know any tool names or like all the different sizes and stuff,” said Summer Onwundinjo, a freshman at Saint Martin de Porres High School.

Motogo aims to be that outlet to teach young people that there’s a place for everyone to succeed in life, regardless of what motivates them.

“This isn’t a boy’s world, and this isn’t a boy’s job. This is everybody’s job,” said Schaffran. “Girls are better at this and should be trying this and should be getting their hands dirty. And I hope that it’s going to take a generation or two, but I think this is the beginning of a permanent change in who gets to do what, and who’s better at what, and who gets to experience this kind of confidence and victories.”

Motogo also aims to give them the physical and metaphorical tools to succeed in life, helping young people realize that failing is just another word for learning. If at first effort doesn’t work, try and try again.

“We just want to be one opportunity, maybe find the kids that haven’t found that thing that sparks them yet,” said Vaughn. “We’re really a unique opportunity to make someone feel valued, who feels left out, whether a student wants to go into a manufacturing career or they want to go into something more like becoming a doctor or a lawyer, or they’re going to be a stay-at-home parent one day. It doesn’t really matter what the end product is. We know that by taking shop classes again, that it’s going to rewire their brain to kind of think about the way you approach the world differently.”

“A lot of people don’t know that they can fix the world around them and they don’t have the confidence to even try most of the time. Hopefully, after going through a Motogo course, they just gain a little bit more nerve, a little bit more confidence than they’re willing to try and grab a tool and figure it out and problem solve,” said Schaffran. “Whatever problem that someone comes across, I hope that they say to themselves, well, I rebuilt a motorcycle. If I did that, I can do this.”

For more information on Motogo visit their website.

Motorcycle Helmet Performance: Blowing the Lid Off

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Searching for the truth behind motorcycle helmet design, helmet standards and actual head protection

By Dexter Ford and California Scientific

How good is your helmet? Will it actually protect your brain in your next crash? Will it prevent your next accident? I don’t think so, but it may cause your next accident–watch out.

These seem like easy questions, ones you probably think you can answer by reciting the lofty standards your helmet meets and the lofty price you might have paid for it. But the real answers, as you are about to see, are anything but easy.

There’s a fundamental debate raging in the motorcycle helmet industry. In a fiberglass-reinforced, expanded-polystyrene nutshell, it’s a debate about how strong and how stiff a helmet should be to provide the best possible protection.


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