American Creates Beer-Powered Motorcycle

with inputs by Kumar Debvrat from An American Has Created A Beer-Powered Motorcycle, Claims It Could Reach Speeds Of Up To 240 Km Per Hour Ky Michaelson, is an American infamous for unusual inventions. His past accomplishments include a rocket-powered toilet and a jet-powered coffee pot. Now his latest invention is: a beer-powered motorcycle. Speaking to Fox9, Ky explains that the unique motorcycle has a 14-gallon keg with a heating coil instead of a gas-powered engine. This coil heats the beer up to 300 degrees, which then becomes super-heated steam in the nozzles, making the bike move forward. Ky’s garage in Bloomington is where he built this unique motorcycle that runs on beer (or is it steam?). Ky told the publication that he aims to do what others have never done. He blamed the rising prices of gasoline as a reason for not finding it useful for powering a vehicle. Ky, is nicknamed ‘Rocketman’ for being the first civilian to launch a rocket into space. The motorcycle could reach speeds up to 150 miles per hour (240 km per hour) as per Ky. He hopes to take the bike to a drag strip soon to test its capabilities. The unusual inventor also noted that any liquid, including Red Bull and Caribou Coffee, could fuel his bike. So far, Ky’s vehicle has made it to a few local car shows, where it won the first position. Ky had also shared a video on his YouTube channel 9 months ago, featuring his son presenting detailed information about the motorcycle. Ky Michaelson, a space and movie stunt enthusiast, has created many such innovations in the last few years and converted his home into a museum. * * * * * * * * * * * * Join the Cantina & celebrate […]

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A refined monster: Triumph Rocket 3 review

by Fraser Addecott from It’s powered by an engine that’s bigger than the one in most cars, but Fraser discovers this behemoth oozes class and quality, and rides like a dream The idea of fitting a motorcycle with an engine larger than that found in the average family car may seem bonkers – but thats exactly what Triumph has done in the shape of the Rocket 3. Featuring a whopping 2,500cc capacity, this monster is truly impressive. The bike comes in two versions – a touring-oriented GT and the more sportster-like R. Both look fantastic, the proportions seem almost other-worldly, like something out of a superhero movie. Yet the design and the way it all melds together around that giant engine is a thing of beauty. The quality is superb, from the deep paint finish, to the distinctive twin headlights, the Monza-style fuel cap and the brushed aluminium shields on the triple header exhaust. Internal wiring on the handlebars keeps everything looking clean and neat and the pillion footpegs fold twice so they tuck away into the fairing and seemingly disappear. I really liked the layout on the TFT screen, simple and clear, and easily readable even in bright sunlight. The main difference between the two models is the riding position. The GT has forward mounted (adjustable) footpegs, a lower seat height and wider, higher bars, plus a brushed aluminium, height-adjustable pillion backrest. It also comes with heated grips and a pretty effective flyscreen. The R has a more aggressive stance thanks to the mid-mounted footpegs (also adjustable), higher seat and narrower bars. With the keyless fob in your jacket pocket, fire up the 2458cc, liquid-cooled triple and you’re off. For the largest production engine in the world, the sound is surprisingly muted, but, to my ear, not displeasing.

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Classic motorcycle ridden by George Lazenby has emerged for sale for £30,000

by Faith Ridler from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: Classic motorcycle ridden by George Lazenby to the set of his only James Bond film goes on sale for £30,000 George Lazenby bought BSA Rocket III in 1969 and rode it on 17-mile commute He lived in Bayswater, London while filming On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Mr Lazenby, now 80, sold his motorcycle after the release of the sixth Bond film A classic motorcycle which George Lazenby used to ride to the set of his only James Bond film has emerged for sale for £30,000. The actor bought the BSA Rocket III in 1969 and rode it on his 17-mile commute from Bayswater, London to Pinewood Studios near Slough, Berkshire during filming for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Mr Lazenby, now 80, went on to sell the motorcycle after the release of the sixth James Bond film later that year. The Australian actor was the second to play the British secret service agent after Sean Connery in You Only Live Twice, who took on the role again in the 1971 film Diamonds Are Forever. Little is known about what happened to the bike after it was sold by Mr Lazenby until it was bought by its current owner, a collector based in Kent, in 2007. The unnamed vendor only discovered the machine was previously owned by the actor when he approached the BSA Owners Club, who revealed Mr Lazenby bought the motorcycle new in the 1960s. The collector has now fully restored the bike, with an engine and gearbox rebuild, new chrome and a repaint. During the restoration, a sidecar which had been installed after Mr Lazenby sold the bike was also removed. It will now be sold by Charterhouse Auctions in Sherborne, Dorset – who say they are expecting

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2019 Triumph Rocket 3 R, GT U.S. Pricing Announced

by Daniel Patrascu from Earlier this year UK’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, Triumph, introduced and nearly instantly sold the entire batch of Rocket 3 TFC bikes, fitted with the largest engine available on the market. Those who missed out on that model can now go for the other, lesser variants of this monstrous Triumphs. In the last week of October, the bike maker dumped all the info on the pricing for the Rocket 3 lineup in the United States and Canada. Two models are on the list, namely the Rocket 3 R and Rocket 3 GT. Both bikes are powered by the range’s brand new 2,500 cc triple engine that delivers an 11 percent increase in power over the previous generation, which translates into 165 hp and 163 lb-ft of torque. The numbers above are a tad lower than the output of the same engine fitted on the TFC variant. On that bike, the output was rated at 180 hp at 7,000 rpm and 166 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm, making the model the most powerful production Triumph ever made. The main difference between the two bikes announced last week is the use there are meant for. The R is the “ultimate muscle roadster,” placing all the power of the engine under the control of the rider right from the start, while the GT is a tad softer and more touring-oriented. In the United States, the Rocket 3 R will sell for $21,900, while the GT from $22,600. For comparison, the TFC variant of the Rocket 3 was sold for $29,000, and all the 750 units reserved for America were sold out in a matter of months. Each new bike will be available in two color schemes: Korosi Red or Phantom Black for the R, and two-tone Silver Ice

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