Another New Chinese imitation of a Sportster

from inputs by Enrico Punsalang at The Xiang Shuai XN650N Is An Exact Imitation of Sportster 883 It is a Harley-Daivdson in design butt without any resemblance to its performance. Sportsters have been a bestselling brand of H-D for decades. This latest clone is offered by Chinese manufacturer Xiang Shuai, a rather obscure brand which doesn’t seem to operate anywhere other than mainland China. Branded XN650N, it is an exact replica of Harley Iron 883. They did not even bother to make tiniest of differentiation. Its fuel tank, headlight, and even the engine casing look almost exactly the same. Powered by a 650cc V-twin engine which supposedly punches 53 hp. Does that mean its more powerful that the Harley-Davidson model? We doubt it at pricing and quality factors. Refer the previous Chinese imitation we reported — the Motofino Streetboy which looks like the Sportster S model Anyways, can you spot any difference between the Iron 883 and the XN650N ? Let us know on our Facebook Page. Visit :

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Father made an exact replica of a full size Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle for his son

This hand built mini Bullet is identical to the full sized Royal Enfield Bullet in all respects. It is located in Kollam, Kerala and the video is shown by ETV Andhra Pradesh drawing attention to every part of the mini Bullet which has been fashioned to look like its life sized counterpart. It shows the complete mini Bullet being ridden by a young toddler who is around 5-7 years of age. He takes the bike around the yard donning riding gear while the finished product shows extreme attention to detail done by the father who is also a Bullet aficionado. The ingenuity of the father knew no bounds when he went through great lengths to build a mini version of the Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle for his son This Royal Enfield Bullet electric mini motorcycle is made at home and all parts are made of fiber. It gets all features as seen on a full sized RE Bullet with identical headlamp, single pod instrument console and fuel tank which also sports the RE moniker. The other elements such as the suspension, indicators, mirrors and leg guards are also identical to its larger counterpart and have been installed on the Mini Bullet. The only difference being that the Mini Bullet runs on battery power. No specifications of the battery capacity have been revealed in the video but should offer around 30 minutes of us on a full charge. The chassis of the bike is also handmade. Royal Enfield is also working on a full sized electric motorcycle. However, launch is not expected for the next few years. Speaking about future launches, Royal Enfield will soon update their entire range of Bullet, Classic and Thunderbird models of 350 and 500 cc with new generation motorcycles with new BS6 engines. More recently, Royal

Father made an exact replica of a full size Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle for his son Read More »

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