100 WFC: Ram Tough by JJ Spain

Ram Tough by JJ Spain with illustration by Wayfarer We parked our bikes on the north side of Deadwood Lodge. Omaha, off I29 to I90 was a long hot ride. I stepped on green grass to stretch. A loud snort turned me around. A Ram Big Horn Sheep with hazel eyes stared me down. He was as tall as my Harley and broad. His horns formed a perfect circle capped with gray, oyster and black ridges. Behind him stood four lady friends, half his size with matching fluffy white fur noses and rumps. Big boy snorted again, louder and longer as he stomped a hoof on the grass. I sought protection behind my Harley. “That ornery old goat wants you off his lawn,” Seth said… (publication dated 25-May-2024) * * * * Get cookin fiction with the non-stop contest since May 2023 Check out this year’s entries at https://www.bikernet.com/pages/Bikernet_100_Word_Fiction_Contest_2024.aspx Read the 2023 year entries and winners at https://www.bikernet.com/pages/100_Word_Fiction_Contest.aspx

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