100 WFC: Long Rides by Steven Sanner

100 word fiction contest continues…. #100WFC Long Rides by Steven Sanner with illustration by Wayfarer After over 40 years of her by my side, she is gone. You always hear how tough real bikers are. Seldom will you see them cry. That’s because the wind drys the tears while we ride to clear our heads and handle the emotions. We use the rain, and the water drops in the shower to mingle and mix with the tears that no one sees. We know that the emotions and pain prove we are still alive, and accept the strength that comes from it. I may seem like a tough old emotionless bastard, but excuse me if I have to go for a long lonely ride. * * * Read all the entries at: https://www.bikernet.com/pages/100_Word_Fiction_Contest.aspx Yup, its a weekly contest open to all. Just sign up for the free weekly newsletter by clicking here. Then email us your 100 word limit fiction to wayfarer@bikernet.com WINNERS SO FAR: 1. for the month of May 2023: “Been There Done That” by Steven Sanner 2. for the month of June 2023: “A Hundred” by Chris Dutcher 3. for the month of July 2023: “First Time” by Rhys 4. for the month of August 2023: “Hilary” by Gearhead 5. for the month of September 2023: “Mountain” by Koz Mraz

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