What does Pan America popularity mean for Harley-Davidson?

by Bill Roberson from https://www.forbes.com Harley-Davidson’s Pan America ADV Bike Is Big News, But What Does It Mean For The MoCo’s Future? The positive reviews and preorders are beginning to pile up for what is definitely this years most… unexpectedly good new motorcycle model: Harley-Davidson’s freshly minted adventure (or “ADV”) bike, the Pan America. In a typical motorcycle model year (the last of which was 2019), riders would usually see numerous new, updated and expected adventure machines from multiple marques, but in 2021, the Pan America stands out not just for being a Harley, but also for how it may signal changes within the storied American brand. First off, the Pan America is a long shot: A completely new, fresh-from-the-wheels-up, whodathunkit offering far, far outside the typical realms Harley-Davidson plays in. There isn’t a speck of chrome on the Pan America, no cooling fins on the engine, no shoulder-height handlebars, no leather tassels. The Pan America’s all-new Revolution Max liquid-cooled engine makes 150 horsepower, which dwarfs the output of any other bike in the inventory. It is loaded to the gills with tech, including a big touch screen, sophisticated suspension, adjustable everything and innovative options like auto-lowering ride height, trick spoke wheels and headlights that look through corners. The look is unusual but it’s driven more by design than style. But what is also so striking is how the Pan America is all business, focused on its ADV mission, and very unlike anything the company has attempted – or built – in its nearly 120-year history. Kitted up with aluminum panniers and other goodies, it looks ready to take the long way ‘round any continent with confidence, not just lazily cruise down to the local rider meetup. And those reviews? They range from warm to glowing at the PA’s capabilities, […]

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