Handlebar risers and decor sticker set for BMW R1250R/RS

Raising the handlebar by 30mm results in a more upright, much more relaxed seating position. Moreover, the handlebar is brought 21mm closer to the rider which additionally improves driving comfort. The overall result is a noticeable increase in stamina and concentration. Long stretches on the motorway are less nerve-racking. Fits on original 32mm handlebar. With EU street homologation! Handlebar Risers with Offset for BMW R1250R & R1250RS 100,95 Euro / 104,80 Euro (incl. VAT) plus shipping Decor sticker set for BMW R1250R This decor sticker set for the left and right side gives your R1250R a special look and makes your motorcycle stand out from the crowd. Shipping includes: – 1 sticker \”R1250R\” for the cardan – 1 sticker \”Hornig\” (can optionally be sticked to any free surface on the motorcycle) – 2 hook/arrow stickers for the front mudguard – 4 strips for the left and the right side of the tank fairing (you need 2 strips plus one short piece of strip for each side). Other colors on request. Decor sticker set for BMW R1250R 29,00 Euro up (incl. VAT) plus shipping We already have products for the new BMW Motorrad models: R1250GS: R1250RT: S1000RR (2019): R1250RS: R1250R: You could also be interested in: Racing screen for BMW S1000RR (2019- ) Handlebar Risers for BMW G310R & G310GS V-Stream Windscreen for BMW F750GS Fork Crash Protectors for BMW G310GS & G310R Motorcycle Accessory Hornig GmbH Gewerbepark Chammünster Nord C 5 D93413 Cham Germany

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See What’s Going On At JIMS!

Here at JIMS, we’ve always got new parts and tools in the works. We are always doing our best to provide you with the highest quality and newest products! Live Fast Rally 2! Make sure you ride down to The Maverick Saloon in Santa Ynez, CA this Sunday on September 1st and check out the 2nd Annual Live Fast Rally! We’ll be there showing off our new stuff and having a good time! Don’t miss it! Introducing The New JIMS® “On Bike” Valve Spring Compressor for Milwaukee-Eight® At JIMS®, we are consistently working on something new, and today we are excited to show you our brand new “On Bike” Valve Spring Compressor for Milwaukee-Eight® models. With the help of compressed air and a 10mm cylinder leak down tool, you can easily remove and install the valve springs without removing the heads. Whether you’re changing out the springs with stiffer ones for a performance cam, or changing valve seals, this tool is a “must have” for any Harley technician. The 2019 North American Drag NVP Was a Success! JIMS flew out to Madison Wisconsin this past weekend to attend the 2019 Drag Specialties NVP Product Expo. This show was a blast and it was huge! This was the first North American NVP with Parts Canada and their dealers in attendance. We represented our product line and were happy to introduce some of our brand new tools such as the “On Bike” Valve Spring Compressor shown above. We had the honor to shake hands and have great conversations with many dealers from all over the U.S. and Canada.

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Mad Max and High Fives All Around

Quite a bit has been going on here at Air-Tech, lots of new molds for new products, an awesome KZ build for a Mad Max reunion, and great race results from Air-Tech equipped racers… Bike builder Scott Horwood was invited to display his awesome Max replica, using our bodywork, at a reunion of cast members from the original 1979 movie… Check out Goose, Fifi, Jessie, Cundalini, and Johnny the Boy next to Scott’s bike… great job Scott ! ! ! Those of you newsletter subscribers know we don’t do a lot of sales…“High Fives” to those of you that took advantage of our Memorial Day sale and saved tons of dough! You long term subscribers know our July 4th sale will be our last until Black Friday, right after thanksgiving… Now’s the time to save BIG and finally get that long term project finished up to enjoy this riding season.. Give us a call on Wednesday the 3rd, or Friday the 5th, and use USE PROMO CODE “hi5=30” to get 30% OFF (normal people only get 20%) Our mailing address is: AirTech Streamlining 2530 Fortune Way Vista, CA 92081-8441

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Blue Collar Bikernet Weekly News for for March 21, 2019

It’s all about doing it the hard way We have always been a blue-collar effort. The world is changing fast, but we will remain the guys who build shit and ride our stuff into the sunset. Even our Salt Torpedo is not being built by engineers. It’s the first Streamlined trike to be registered for Bonneville Salt Flats racing. The Bikernet Weekly News covers industry news, events, products, services, bragains, contests, swaps, giveaways and more. Join the Cantina for just $24 – CLICK HERE to Read the Weekly News. is celebrating 24 years of Riding Free as the online website of choice for motorcycle news, tech and adventure. Bikernet Blog has a Free Weekly Newsletter.

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