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100 WFC: Nap Time by Jeffrey

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100 word fiction contest continues…. #100WFC

Nap Time
by Jeffrey
with illustration by Wayfarer

“Your friend passed out.” Sissy, a redhead supermodel bartender at the Buffalo Chip, said to Salas.

Salas, looking at Ronnie, whose face was on the table, a dozen shot glasses surrounded his head said, “You’ve got to be shitting me. We’re staying at the Throttle; he can’t ride for hours.”

“Come with me, I’m on break till 8:00, he can sleep it off at my cabin.” Sissy said.

Salas laid Ronnie on the concrete porch as Sissy entered her one room home.

She reopened the door, her naked body got Sala’s attention. “Want to come in?”

Salas whispered, “I love you, Ronnie.”

* * *

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Battery Maintenance 101

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This is a 6-Volt Battery Tender for Vintage batteries.

And How to Use Tenders
By Bandit, Jason Mook, Battery Tender Crew, and Jeff Holt

How to use battery tenders? We are on the hunt.

A friend kept his bike on a tender 24/7. But when he rode to his girl’s house and spent the night, the bike was dead in the morning.

Jason Mook, the owner of Deadwood Custom Cycles recommends putting your bike on a charger or tender once a week, charge it and then unplug it.

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