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A 17-year-old is taking the motorcycle racing world by storm

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by James Warren from

SPAIN has often been called the mecca for motorcycle racing, with world champions being cultivated from the moment they can sit on a bike.

Household names like Marc Marquez, Aleix Espargaro and current champ Joan Mir all started riding and racing while they were at school, making use of Spain’s love of two wheels to develop their talents unhindered.

As these riders fight to earn their latest victories in 2021, they all have one eye on one name that is causing waves in the Moto3 World Championship.

And that name is Pedro Acosta, a young 17-year-old from Mazarron, Murcia.

So far in 2021, the young man has taken three victories and one podium in the first four races, shattering records for the 250cc class and leaving experts to hail him as a ‘future legend’.

But how has this teenager become one of the most exciting prospects since Marc Marquez arrived on the scene back in 2008.

The answer can be found at the Circuito de Cartagena, a race track six kilometres northwest of the popular resort.

The circuit is popular with trackday riders, people who own motorcycles who rent sessions on the track to hone their skills.

Acosta’s father, also Pedro, was one such rider, with a love for American legend Kevin Schwanz, and eager for his son to inherit his love for two wheels.

“Dad had a Suzuki like Schwantz’s and I grew up looking at the photos and videos of him.” said Acosta in an interview with Spanish publication Marca.

Acosta’s father, keen to see his son carry on the mantle, give him a €150 Chinese Motina bike at the age of five, and brought him to track days at the Cartagena circuit to watch his father ride.

“At first he was not interested, spending more time playing rather than watching, but he soon began to become intrigued to what I was doing.” said his father.

Acosta enrolled into a youth development program at the track ran by early mentor Francisco Marmol, a name that would become an integral part in Acosta’s rise to stardom.

“He would always be at the track with his father, and after a few years we enrolled him in our program, like an after-school club for riders.” said Marmol.

“He developed a taste for it very quickly, and grew a strong bond with me, he listened very intently and it became apparent that he had no fear.”

“He was open to experiment and try new things that I suggested. Some people say they can see a natural talent in children this age but it is not true, it is too early. But Acosta was always ready to learn, and enjoyed every moment, and that was the key.”

The son of a modest fisherman and a mother Mercedes, who didn’t care for racing, Acosta, with the help of Marmol and the KSB Federation, entered numerous national championships as soon as he was old enough, and won the Pre Moto3 championship in 2017.

As a result, Acosta entered the Spanish Junior Moto3 category (CEV), finishing 33rd after racing in just five races, but more importantly giving him his first proper taste of 250cc machinery.

His stint in the CEV gave him the confidence to apply for the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, the official starter class for the MotoGP championship and a place where teams scalp for potential talents.

Acosta made the cut, and in 2019 he began his first foray into international racing.

He impressed, taking three victories and five podiums on the way to a second place finish after 12 races.

In 2020, Acosta remained in the Rookie’s Cup and claimed an unprecedented six straight victories and a further three podiums to take the championship n his second attempt.

His performance got teams talking, and for 2021 Acosta joined the Austrian Red Bull Ajo KTM team on the factory KTM RC250, colours that would propel him into the eyes of the world.

The current crop of riders are already heaping praise on the Spanish youngster, but are concerned that his rapid rise to stardom could be his downfall.

“It is clear that he can become a champion, he has the talent, but he has to surround himself with the right people.” said 2020 champion Joan Mir.

This is a sentiment that is echoed amongst the other riders, with Franco Morbidelli and Marquez all offering words of wisdom to the 17-year-old.

“He must be left alone to enjoy his time on the bike, to concentrate on his development and not be forced to advance to quickly.” said Marquez.

Marquez is referring to rumors that Acosta is already being touted for MotoGP ride, skipping the intermediate Moto2 category altogether, a move that has concerned many.

“Moto2 is a valuable stepping stone, you learn a lot from 675cc racing machinery that you can’t pick up from Moto3, or even training on larger bikes.” said Mir.

“As Pecco (Bagnaia, current Ducati rider) said, two years in each category is sensible, it is important not to rush. It is clear he is something special but he must do what is best for him not what is best for the teams or promotions.”

What Acosta does next year is uncertain, but from humble beginnings he has gained admiration from not only his childhood heroes, but also racing fans across the globe.

Husqvarna motorcycles partnership with clothing brand Replay

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Husqvarna rides in ‘Replay’ edition of Vitpilen 701, 701 Supermoto and 701 Enduro LR. The bikes are in partnership with clothing brand Replay

Swedish automaker Husqvarna has introduced a range special edition variants of Vitpilen 701, 701 Supermoto and 701 Enduro LR in partnership with Italian clothing brand Replay.

The Vitpilen 701 is a cruiser with a large single – cylinder engine mated to a lightweight chasis. The 701 Supermoto takes things off road with a 74hp single-cylinder engine bound to a 148kg chasis. The 701 Enduro LR is for those who wish to go a bit further off the tarmac. The LR which stands for Long range is due to its massive fuel tank, nearly twice the capacity of the standard 701 Enduro.

More details about the bikes are yet to be made public. The manufacturer has also promised that more models are on the way under the partnership with Replay that began in 2020.

It marked the beginning of a new chapter for both Husqvarna Motorcycles and REPLAY, as Husqvarna Motorcycles re-entered the Moto3 World Championship, while REPLAY took a strategic step into the motorcycle sector, the statement read.

Moto3. Garcia Dols battles in group for 16th in Austria

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Garcia Dols battles in group for 16th in Austria

The Estrella Galicia 0,0 rider takes part in a tussle with a large front group. Yamanaka places 24th after an incident on the opening laps.

Team Estrella Galicia 0,0 Moto3 riders Sergio Garcia Dols and Ryusei Yamanaka contested the Austrian Grand Prix at the Spielberg circuit this Sunday.

Garcia Dols was in the points for much of the race, before crossing the finish line in 16th. Yamanaka finished 24th after trying to make his way back through the field. The win went to Spanish rider Albert Arenas.

Both the warmup and the race took place under clear skies and with a dry track. Temperatures at the start of the race were 24 ºC (ambient) and 38 ºC (track), with a light wind across the circuit.

The next round of the Moto3 World Championship sees the series remain in Austria, for the Styrian Grand Prix on August 21-23rd.

16th, +2.866

Garcia Dols’ time of 1:37.268 in the warm up had been his fastest of the weekend. At the start of the race, taking off from 20th on the grid, he quickly gained six positions and was up into the points from Lap 2, closing out the large group at the front.

Amidst a fast group full of overtaking moves, he lost positions past the halfway mark, before making up ground on the final laps to finish 16th. He occupies 16th in the World Championship standings with 13 points.

“I made a good start and was immediately up into the points”

“I was 20th on the grid, but I made a good start and was immediately up into the points. I was riding in the large group, but I noticed that I couldn’t carry on gaining positions. I was riding comfortably but I couldn’t climb further, and I finished the race riding at the best pace I could. The positive thing is that I rode with the big group and that in the final part of the race I kept that good pace up.”

24th, +23.563

Ryusei Yamanaka started Sunday’s warmup session with a time of 1:38.161, for 28th. At the start of the race, for which he was 21st on the grid, he dropped two positions, subsequently becoming involved in an incident that took him off the track and back into 30th place.

He would regain six positions on the following laps, but the large group at the front was out of reach. After finishing 24th, Yamanaka is 22nd in the World Championship with 7 points.

“If I passed someone, they would overtake me on the next corner”

“I am not satisfied with the result today. On the second lap I was hit by another rider, which caused me to go off the track, and when I rejoined the race I was practically last. From that moment on, I pushed hard and tried to regain contact with the group, but it was impossible. If I passed someone, they would overtake me again on the next corner. We have to improve from the first Free Practice sessions at the next race, because the further back we start on the grid, the more difficult the race becomes.”