Mad Max

Brat Style Custom Indian Super Chief

Go Takamine Adds Classic Vintage Touch to the 2022 Indian Super Chief by Neil Storz with photos by Jeff Millard Cool custom motorcycle built by Japanese bike builder and Brat Style founder, Go Takamine. Go customized a 2022 Indian Super Chief Limited for X-Men and Mad-Max: Fury Road star, Nicolas Hoult. In true Go style, he took a clean, minimalist approach to the build – adding vintage elements with the bike’s modern performance. CLICK HERE To Read this Photo Feature Article on Join the Cantina for more – Subscribe Today.

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If Mad Max Needed One More Motorcycle for Filming, This Would Have Been It

Italian people have designer genes in their blood, as a guy called Luca Lamperti clearly shows after making a full custom Mad Max and Alien vs Predator mash-up based on a Ducati Monster. He calls it the Apophis 99942. Grezzo, by his nickname, runs a custom builds workshop called Raw Bike Factory and he is a full time artist and iron “worker” full of creativity. He likes to think that he is a shaper of unusual things and this bike is the result of his ideas. At first glance, his creation makes our brains think only about Mad Max movies combined with Alien vs Predator. It’s the perfect bike for an alien to ride between the galaxies to kill the predators. Everything on the bike, except the engine and the mainframe, is a custom build. Starting in the front we can see many little braided lines, albeit only one of them is a real brake hose. The tires have metal studded bands attached to them. This makes the machine unrideable on the street, so he has the perfect excuse to keep this beauty inside the house and admire it every day. To achieve a more aggressive look, he changed the original 40-something tooth puny sprocket with a gigantic and humongous home-made sprocket. The tank, saddle and tail section are made from one big aluminum piece, hand-beaten into the desired shape. The symbols drawn on the different parts of the bike are applied via a special mechanical process that can engrave on aluminum. One other thing that stands out for this bike is the fact that it has steel grips. It seems like Grezzo does not like rubber at all. In addition, he thought that keys are not cool either, so by typing a special code on the bike’s touchscreen placed

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Mad Max and High Fives All Around

Quite a bit has been going on here at Air-Tech, lots of new molds for new products, an awesome KZ build for a Mad Max reunion, and great race results from Air-Tech equipped racers… Bike builder Scott Horwood was invited to display his awesome Max replica, using our bodywork, at a reunion of cast members from the original 1979 movie… Check out Goose, Fifi, Jessie, Cundalini, and Johnny the Boy next to Scott’s bike… great job Scott ! ! ! Those of you newsletter subscribers know we don’t do a lot of sales…“High Fives” to those of you that took advantage of our Memorial Day sale and saved tons of dough! You long term subscribers know our July 4th sale will be our last until Black Friday, right after thanksgiving… Now’s the time to save BIG and finally get that long term project finished up to enjoy this riding season.. Give us a call on Wednesday the 3rd, or Friday the 5th, and use USE PROMO CODE “hi5=30” to get 30% OFF (normal people only get 20%) Our mailing address is: AirTech Streamlining 2530 Fortune Way Vista, CA 92081-8441

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