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Yamalube’s New High-Performance Full Synthetic Engine Oils Now Available

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GP Racing Spec and Hi-Performance Oils Maximize Durability of High Performance Engines

MARIETTA, Ga. – July 13, 2019 – Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, today announced Yamalube’s GP Racing Spec and Hi-Performance Full Synthetic engine oils are now available at Yamaha dealers across the nation.

Both Yamalube’s GP Racing Spec and Hi-Performance are SAE 10W-40 4T full synthetic engine oils with a modern balanced formulation designed for superior performance and maximum durability for today’s advanced high performance engine parts. They provide enhanced engine performance, fuel efficiency and excellent thermal stability for advanced protection in any on- and off-road application.

Offering the ultimate in Yamalube’s ultra-high performance engine oils, GP Racing Spec oil is the newest generation of Yamalube’s 50-plus year lineage of competition blends. Derived from the same oil used in Yamaha’s YZR-M1 MotoGP bike, the new GP Racing Spec oil is blended using advanced additives for high thermal resistance in extreme racing and other severe environments. GP Racing Spec oil maximizes engine power and enhances overall clutch and shifting performance with its extreme anti-wear and anti-friction properties.

Yamalube’s GP Racing Spec oil is classified as a JASO MA2, while Hi-Performance oil is classified as JASO MA. Both products meet API SL requirements.

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Free Car Washes For Veterans & Military Personnel, Nov 11 & 12

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Lucas Oil Center will provide FREE car washes to veterans and current military service personnel, through the Grace for Vets FREE Wash Program, on Sunday November 11th from 9am-5pm, and Monday November 12th from 7am-6pm 2012. Washes will be given rain or shine at 2650 N. Green River Rd.  The FREE washes are given to honor and recognize those that have and are serving in the armed forces.

The  November 11 & 12 event will feature a special display of military vehicles at the Lucas Oil Car Wash in Evansville .
Grace for Vets was founded by Mike Mountz, owner of Cloister Wash & Lube, in 2004. The program continues to grow and expand its reach of honoring military service each year as additional car washes register under the program to give FREE washes. Currently there is participation from all 50 United States, and three other countries, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In 2011, 638 wash operators, totaling 1,446 locations washed 119,317 military service vehicles on November 11th.
Military service personnel across the country are encouraged to visit the Grace for Vets website at  to find participating car washes in their own hometowns.  
Everyone at Lucas Oil Center is really looking forward to honoring  local area service men and women on November 11 & 12, 2012.   
The  November 11 & 12 event will feature a special display of military vehicles at the Lucas Oil Car Wash in Evansville

"We're so pleased that the program has expanded internationally; it allows so many more military service people to be honored,"  said oil center owners Bill and Brenda Floyd.  "We're proud to be a part of an industry that continually supports our military." 
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