The Motorcycle Battery Files

Lowbrow Battery Line-Up and J&P about Testing By Bandit, the Lowbrow Team and Anthony Todd from J&P Cycles We found ourselves in the battery market again recently. We ran into a couple of issues. First, trying to fit a battery into an almost stock 1948 center oil tank. Lowbrow has an option, but it involved a very small anti-gravity lithium battery. Unfortunately, they were out of stock. Plus, they didn’t have a gel option. They did have a cool, stock, replica battery case. I did find a stock replacement battery but only in 6 Volt. I needed a 12-Volt unit for my 1948 UL. It had been modified for a 12-Volt system. Then the Lowbrow crew came up with this handy battery guide, so I thought I would share it with an article by Anthony Todd, of J&P Cycles, about testing charging systems. I went to J&P Cycles, but they don’t list battery dimensions on their website. I would think that would be a major drawback to sales, especially involving custom bikes. We all face custom oil bags with odd size battery holes. Or worse, we have limited space for a battery and need to adapt. We need to know the dimensions. Let’s roll through the Lowbrow report. The development of motorcycle batteries has really advanced in recent years. Back in-the-day a conventional motorcycle battery with an acid pack was the standard. You would open the top caps, pour in your acid pack, and throw it on a charger for 24 hours. This was the typical process for a lead acid classic motorcycle battery. There are a variety of types of motorcycle batteries for you to choose from these days. AGM maintenance free batteries, Gel AGM batteries, and Lithium motorcycle batteries are all on the market. Click Here to Read […]

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Wishing You All New Adventures this Halloween

Of course Frankenstein rides a chopper… from Lowbrow Customs When it comes to motorcycles, there is a lot of tacky stuff out there. We wanted to create some motorcycle-related Halloween photos that weren’t hokey and share them with you all. Several of us donned some classic movie monster costumes and enjoyed some time in a local graveyard… Frankenstein (Tyler), Bride of Frankenstein (Amanda) with a 1975 Harley Shovelhead chopper and and a Werewolf (Todd) on his Triumph bobber. We hope you enjoy them! PS – We’ve been putting small posters of one of these photos (as well as some candy) in Lowbrow Customs orders all month, and will keep doing so until we run out! Lowbrow Customs Website: https://www.lowbrowcustoms.com/

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Chain conversion kits for Harley Sportsters & Dynas

Belts are for pants! Check Out Lowbrow Customs motorcycle parts and accessories at https://www.lowbrowcustoms.com/ We have been making chain conversion kits to replace the rear drive belt on ’94 & later Sportsters and Dynas for many years. Since then, other companies have started making kits as well… But not all chain conversion kits are created equal! Check out the reviews to see what customers think. Oh, did we mention our chain conversions are 100% USA-made? Check out our 1994-2003 Sportster chain conversion how-to (Click Here) or Rusty Butcher’s Lowbrow chain conversion install video (Click Here) and follow along at home! The process is straight-forward and pretty much the same across Sportster or Dyna and various year ranges. Never fear, if you have any questions, we are always here to offer motorcycle technical support! CLICK TO Shop Chain Conversion Kits. PS – In addition to chain conversion kits, we have a wide array of top-quality rear chains for your motorcycle! (Click Here) Spring has freakin’ sprung, get your bike dialed in and hit the road!

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Super Ball Sunday

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial this year? Ours is the Lowbrow Super Ball Commercial we made last year… It is only a minute and a half long.. watch and enjoy. Let us know what you think in the YouTube comments or by replying to this email! PS – Mama Tried is coming up next month.. Get your Mama Tried entry tickets from Lowbrow and avoid waiting in line to purchase them at the show! The people below are using motorcycles in the proper fashion: excitement, adventure and passion. Get out of the house, out of your comfort zone, tag @lowbrowcustoms and hashtag #lowbrowcustoms, #lowbrowlife, #lowbroworder or #rideeverywhere for a chance to see your post highlighted here. We love seeing photos of your projects, motorcycles and adventures. We also love hearing about what we are doing right and what we could be doing better… it helps us improve! Take a moment and check out all the reviews on our website or leave us a Google Review. We genuinely appreciate it!

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Merry Christmas from Lowbrow Customs!

Happy holidays from all of us at Lowbrow! We hope you are having a great time this holiday season and spending time with people you love. Merry Christmas! Twas the night before Christmas, when all along the roads Not a creature was stirring, not even a toad; My Panhead was parked in the garage with care, The car left in the driveway in the open night air; The children were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of candy bars danced in their heads; And mamma in her ’kerchief, and I in my cap, Had just settled in bed for a long winter’s ‘nap’, When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter. Away to the window I flew like a flash, Tore open the curtains and threw up the shade To see exactly why my ‘nap’ was delayed. The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below, When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, But the Lowbrow Weirdo pulling in in first gear. His 80 inch Flathead came to a stop, And he left a little gift on the door to my shop. He kicked over his flatty and roared out to the street, Oh how I felt lucky to receive such a treat!

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Here is the full length Born Free movie

The full-length Born Free film We just added our full-length Born Free film to the Lowbrow YouTube channel so you can stream it for free. Born Free is happening at the end of June in Orange County, California, as is the Biltwell People’s Champ. The People’s Champ is a build-off by a bunch of talented individuals, culminating in a vote for a winner at Cook’s Corner the night before Born Free. Check out the bikes and follow along on Instagram @biltwell_peoples_champ Stay tuned to Lowbrow for coverage of the event! Adventure Awaits The people below are using motorcycles in the proper fashion: excitement, adventure and passion. Get out of the house, out of your comfort zone, tag @lowbrowcustoms and hashtag #lowbrowcustoms, #lowbrowlife, #lowbroworder or #rideeverywhere for a chance to see your post highlighted here.

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Colony Machine H-D Hardware, since 1969

Lowbrow Customs is the only place, world-wide, that you can find every single Colony Machine product (over 3,500!). Founded in 1969, Colony produces top-quality, made in the USA hardware for Harley-Davidsons 1911 to current. Their new 2019 catalog just came out and contains hundreds of new parts. Click here to download the Colony Machine catalog as a PDF file. Perfect for quick reference or for printing out just the pages you need. You can also shop Colony products at Lowbrow Customs.

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The History of Lowbrow Customs

This month (May 2019) marks the 15th anniversary of Lowbrow Customs. We thought it would be great to share the story of how it all got started. This documentary-style film takes a hard look at the company’s beginnings, filled with old photos, stories, and interviews from Tyler Malinky, founder and CEO of Lowbrow Customs, his brother and partner Kyle Malinky and the rest of the staff. Sit back, grab some popcorn and take a ride with us here at Lowbrow Customs. A Coppersmith Production Cinematography – Leland James Editing & Graphics – Joe Fortunato Photography – Jon Glover & Mikey Revolt Check out the Lowbrow Customs YouTube channel to check out all of our videos. We spend a lot of time and effort creating motorcycle how-to videos, product reviews and event coverage for your enjoyment, please let us know what you think by commenting below. Click here to subscribe to the Lowbrow Customs YouTube channel and stay in the know! You can read a full transcription of this video below: Tyler Malinky: When Kyle and I were young, our mothe in particular didn’t want us riding motorized vehicles. I mean like no mini bikes, or three wheelers. Kyle Malinky: No. Yes. Tyler: Anything like that. Kyle: Go karts. [laughs] Tyler: Nothing. Of course we did like over friends houses and that kind of stuff. We’ll get hurt occasionally and not tell my mother how I think I broke my ankle, that kind of stuff. Sharon Zahtilla: They were very, very energized when they were young. They did not sit around, which they still don’t. [chuckles] Tyler: Anyway fast forward, I know I was 18, I didn’t know anything about motorcycles, I didn’t know anything about mechanics. I was really into computers and graphic design, and for some reason I just

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Lowbrow Getdown dates announced!

It’s almost that time again! The Lowbrow Getdown is in it’s 11th year… but we don’t remember all of them. This year the Getdown is Friday, June 28th through Sunday, June 30th, 2019. Get all the info right here, and be sure to check out the article above or the video below to see exactly why you best get your trip planned and meet us in Ohio! No organized bike show, no vendor booths. Just ride out, camp, swim and get wild. Each year we have anywhere from 500-1000 motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the USA and Canada join us for the most fun you can have. See you there! Adventure Awaits The people below are using motorcycles in the proper fashion: excitement, adventure and passion. Get out of the house, out of your comfort zone, tag @lowbrowcustoms and hashtag #lowbrowcustoms, #lowbrowlife, #lowbroworder or #rideeverywhere for a chance to see your post highlighted here.

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