100 WFC: Sparks by Jeffrey

Sparks by Jeffrey aka JJ Spain with illustration by Wayfarer He leaned hard right into the curve, pushing his hands down while keeping his head erect, doing 55 mph in a 35. He tried his best to force sparks to ignite from his exhaust pipes against the concrete on Highway 14 A, Boulder Canyon to Deadwood, SD. The Michelin tires held tight as the next curve approached. He rolled the throttle on, pushing to 70 mph on the last notorious bend before the straightaway. Sparks flew! Yelling in exhilaration, he threw a fist in the air. Glancing in his rearview mirror, red and blue flashing lights came into view. Totally worth it. (publication dated 10-January-2024) * * * Winner for the month of December 2023: “Nap Time” by Jeffrey (J J Spain) — that’s back-to-back wins for Jeffrey, aka JJ Spain of https://mikesalasnovels.com/. Who will win the first one in year 2024? Lot of Bikernet swag and 5-Ball Racing goodies to be won. Simply subscribe to our weekly newsletter by clicking here and email your fiction in 100 words or less to wayfarer@bikernet.com List of 2023 entries and winners at: https://www.bikernet.com/pages/100_Word_Fiction_Contest.aspx

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