Reworking 2015 Street Glide Suspension

This year, for my annual trip to Sturgis, I took my 2015 Harley Street Gilde FLHXS. I was excited to ride my new black Street Glide special, which has the worst stock suspension of a modern day motorcycle, let alone any other $25,000 bike I’ve ridden. I will save my rant on this subject and just get to my Street Glide suspension solution review. Before leaving on the Sturgis run with Bandit on his 2014 Indian Chief, I knew I needed to solve this ride issue because I could not ride 100 miles without serious pain. Fortunately, I had a new pair of 412 Progressive rear shocks I could swap out for the over-sprung rear shocks that came on the bike. Big help, I mean big help because these shocks are set up for minimum 300-lb. dudes. Continue reading.

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